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Dr Krista Bondy

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About me

About me

My core interest lies in understanding and enabling action on sustainability. For me this means a focus on investigating how we can enact the changes necessary within ourselves and our societies to better respond to the many societal, environmental and technological challenges that we face, and to better align ourselves with our social and natural systems. I do this primarily from within the management discipline, but have, and continue to, engage in many multi and trans disciplinary projects.

Specifically, my research has three strands. One, I am interested in how organisations respond to challenges for more responsible and sustainable engagement within society. Earlier work focused on the creation and implementation of CSR/sustainability strategy and the many factors that affect its meaningful uptake by business such as the role of power, individual attitudes and behaviour, institutional influences, legislation and regulation, and other societal influences. More recently, this work has expanded to investigate these issues from with a systems thinking perspective. In so doing, I am seeking to better articulate and understand the interrelationships of organisations and their operational contexts, with the social and natural systems on which they depend. Work from this strand can be found within such places as Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Environmental Psychology, and Accounting Forum.

Two, I am interested in the upstream factors that influence the incidence of non-communicable diseases in urban areas. I am a work package lead on a £10m UK Prevention Research Partnership funded project called 'Tackling the Root Causes Upstream of Unhealthy Urban Development Decision-making (TRUUD) project (www.truud.ac.uk). Working across six different UK universities, and representing a wide range of disciplines including policy sciences, engineering, law, management and population health, we aim to intervene in the system of decision making, with senior and influential upstream decision makers to prioritise health in urban development. The goal of this work is to prevent non-communicable diseases in the later implementation and delivery of development projects in urban areas due to an improved understanding and valuing of health within the urban development system. Work from this strand can be found within places such as International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Cities & Health, and Wellcome Open Research.

Three, a more recent strand is work on the commercial determinants of health. Working primarily with public health colleagues, our aim is to better understand, categorize and make explicit the full range of commercial activities that impact on health. We are using this work as a foundation from which to better identify solutions to negative impacts of commercial activity on health, and to explore how these solutions might be meaningfully implemented to ensure long-lasting and substantive effects. Work from this strand can be found in The Lancet.

I have also taught at all levels from UG to PhD, along with executive and MOOC courses. My teaching interests focus on the foundations of sustainability/ corporate social responsibility, helping students to engage more fully in the reality of social and natural systems. I aim to provide a broad and multidisciplinary view of topics wherever possible, covering such areas as the Anthropocene, climate change and gender equality in the workplace alongside more traditional management topics such as environmental management systems and technology.

I am very interested to hear from potential PhD students, who come to me with a well-worked proposal and a passion for sustainability.

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Book Chapter

Bondy K, Matten D & Moon J (2007) Codes of conduct as a tool for sustainable governance in MNCs.. In: Crane A, Matten D & Spence LJ (eds.) Corporate Social Responsibility: Readings and Cases in a Global Context. 1 ed. London: Routledge, pp. 432-455.