Professor Robin Fincham

Emeritus Professor

Management, Work and Organisation University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Professor Robin Fincham

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About me

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Rethinking the Dissemination of Management Fashion: The Take-up of Intellectual Capital Management in UK. European Case Firms Group for Organizational Studies Conference, Barcelona, 4-6 July 2002

Intellectual Capital Accounting in the UK: A Field Study Perspective. 25th European Accounting Association Congress, Copenhagen, 25-27 April 2002
European Accounting Association (EAA)

Management Knowledge and Management Work: The Take Up of Intellectual Capital Management. Critical Management Studies ESRC Seminar, Cambridge, 24-25 June 2002
Economic and Social Research Council

Intellectual Capital Accounting: A Review and Critique of a Management Fashion. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Lyon, France, 5-7 July 2001
European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS)

Knowledge Management and the Interface Between Accounting and Organisation Theory. Management Accounting Research Group (MARG), London School of Economics, 29 March 2001
London School of Economics

A Weberian framework for comparing management gurus and management consultants. European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) workshop on Management Consultancy, Brussels, 17-18 November 2000
European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM)

Charisma versus technique: differentiating the expertise of management gurus and management consultants. Conference on Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies, Warwick University, 10-11 February 2000
University of Warwick

Knowledge work as occupational strategy: the cases of IT and management consultancy. European Group on Organizational Studies (EGOS) Annual Conference,
Helsinki School of Economic Studies, 2-4 July 2000

European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS)

Socially Constructing Success and Failure: IT Cases in Financial Services. NCR Knowledge Lab Conference on Financial Services, Lancaster University, 13 May 1998
Lancaster University


My research interests include new technology in the financial services industry, and currently the nature of managerial knowledge, particularly managerial fashions, management knowledge and the consultancy process. I am currently working on an edited collection on the management advice industry. I am a member of the Contemporary Workplaces Research Group.

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Book Chapter

Sturdy A, Clark T, Fincham R & Handley K (2008) Management consultancy and humor in action and context. In: Fineman S (ed.) The emotional organization: Passions and power. Malden: Blackwell Publishing, pp. 134-150.

Book Chapter

Fincham R (2007) Management consultants. In: Ritzer G (ed.) Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. First ed. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing, pp. 2719-2722.

Book Chapter

Fincham R (1999) Rhetorical Narratives and the Consultancy Process. In: Thorpe & R (eds.) British Academy of Management Annual Conference - Managing Diversity: Conference Proceedings, Volume 1. First ed. Manchester, UK: Manchester Metropolitan University, Business School, pp. 229-244.