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Dr Nora Ramadan

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About me

Dr Nora Ramadan (MSc, PhD, FHEA) is a Lecturer of international business and entrepreneurship in Stirling Management School since 2021. Nora was awarded her Masters and Doctoral degrees by the University of Birmingham. Previously she has been a lecturer of international business in Cairo University, a visiting lecturer in the University of Birmingham and a visiting research fellow at the University of Glasgow.

Her research gives special attention to the role of organisations (MNCs, start-ups, social organisations) as a catalyst of change in complex institutional settings, whether this change is positive or negative on the broader societal level. The ethical/social implications of business/organisational activities lie also at the heart of her research agenda. She is also interested in comparative institutional analysis of developed and developing/emerging economies.

She has conducted research on the managerial challenges in complex institutional settings such as the Middle East, capabilities of multinationals operating in conflict zones and MNCs’ environmental strategies. She has also conducted research on sharing economy business models in emerging countries. Her recent research focuses on social organisations, their sustainability and scaling-up endeavours in Scotland and internationally. Nora has been awarded, as the principal investigator, British Academy/Newton Advanced Fellowship grant in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Glasgow (valued £55,000) in 2018. This was to fund a project focusing on the evolution, sustainability, and networks (within sector, cross-sector and cross-country networks) of social organisations operating in the healthcare sector, adopting a comparative institutional lens between a developed and an emerging market (Scotland and Egypt).

Nora teaches relevant subjects including international business, international management and entrepreneurship.



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Conference papers:

Child, J., Narooz, R., and Ramadan, N. (2023). Third sector organizations: the relationship of scaling up with their contribution to associative democracy. EGOS, Italy.

Abdel Zaher, D. and Ramadan, N. (2022). Institutional Duality and MNCs Environmental Behaviors. Academy of International Business (AIB) UK&I. Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK.

Hassan, M. and Ramadan, N. (2020). “We shall not remain passive”: TSR implications in the sharing economy context. Academy of Marketing Science Conference, USA. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-89883-0_136

Research Interests: International business and management; Headquarters-subsidiary relationship and MNC management; Sharing Economy Business Models; Social organisations/enterprises and third sector organisations