Digital Heritage in a World of Big Data

14 May 2019 to 15 May 2019, 9.30AM–6.30PM
Cottrell B3
Multiple speakers
Digital Heritage in a World of Big Data

The conference is organised by Chiara Bonacchi (University of Stirling), Rodney Harrison (UCL Institute of Archaeology) and Daniel Pett (Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge), as part of the AHRC-funded Ancient Identities in Modern Britain project and the AHRC Heritage Priority Area Leadership Fellowship

The conference will discuss technical and conceptual implications of applying data science in and for heritage studies, at the time of the data deluge. It will focus on examining the ontologies, epistemologies and ethics of undertaking digital heritage research drawing on big data. For more information please visit the conference website.


Mark Altaweel, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Chiara Bonacchi, University of Stirling

Nicola Bingham, The British Library

Helena Byrne, The British Library

Rodney Harrison, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Lorna Hughes, University of Glasgow

Lise Jaillant, University of Loughborough

Marta Krzyzanska, Cambridge University

Stuart Lewis, National Library of Scotland

Shaleph O’Neill, University of Dundee

Daniel Pett, Cambridge University

Melissa Terras, University of Edinburgh

Terrie-Lynn Thompson, University of Stirling

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