Carbon Majors Inquiry

24 Apr 2019, 2.00PM–4.00PM
Court Room, Cottrell Building
Phillipines Human Rights Commission
Carbon Majors Inquiry

This is a public event associated with an expert meeting at which the Human Rights Commission of the Philippines will finalise the recommendations closing the so-called Carbon Majors inquiry. The inquiry is the first investigation of its kind worldwide, looking at the impact of climate change on the enjoyment of human rights and the responsibility of the world’s largest corporate emitters ( the so-called ‘carbon majors’) in this connection.

At this public event, academics, students, and the public will have a chance to discuss the inquiry with the Commission and invited experts. A sandwich lunch is served at 12:30. The invitees will include the head of the Scottish National Human Rights Institution, Judith Robertson, and the special envoy of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, Professor Alan Miller. At the event the winner of the student competition - organised by the Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change in the Philippines, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of Stirling - to support the Commission in the drafting of its recommendations will also be announced. All welcome.

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