Centre Monograph Series

Environmental Histories of the North Atlantic World, c.500-c.1900 AD

In combination with Brepols Publishers this series will focus on the environmental history of the North Atlantic World between c.500-c.1900AD. The ‘North Atlantic World’ is here defined as incorporating Northern Europe; the Scandic countries; Britain and Ireland; the Faroe Islands; Iceland; Greenland, and the eastern seaboards of both Canada and the United States of America. It is envisaged that contributions to the series will be based upon inter-disciplinary research including (for example) archaeology; history; soil science, and palaeoecology.

Contributions to the series will attempt to set cultural and socio-economic developments within the wider environmental context. The series will address the following issues: climate-change across the period; the short- and long-term environmental impacts of the discovery and settlement of New Worlds; the intensification of resource exploitation in marine and terrestrial contexts; the discovery of new economic resources; intellectual developments relating to agriculture, nature, and ethnography; the impact of technological developments, increasing industrialisation and urbanisation; crises of supply in fuels, manpower and foodstuffs; epidemic/epizootic disease and health; ecological imperialism, and the emergence of the 'Improvement myth'.

If you are interested in proposing a title for this series please contact Professor Richard Oram in the first instance: r.d.oram@stir.ac.uk.

Editorial Board

  • Professor Thomas McGovern (City University of New York)
  • Professor Richard Oram (University of Stirling), editor-in-chief
  • Professor Stephen Rippon (University of Exeter)
  • Dr Tim Soens (University of Antwerp)
  • Associate Professor Eva Svensson (Karlstad University)
  • Professor Orri Vésteinsson (University of Iceland)

Current titles in the Series

Four titles have now been commissioned in this series:

  • Dr Tom Finan, St Louis University: King's Cantreds, Landscape and history on the Thirteenth Century Irish Frontier
  • Dr Tim Newfield, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: The Contours of Disease, Hunger and Extreme Weather in northern Carolingian Europe, Britain, and Ireland, c.750-c.950 CE
  • Dr Sharla Chittick: Pride and Practices, Prejudice and Perceptions, A Comparative Case Study in North Atlantic Environmental History

  • Dr Philip Slavin, McGill University: Communities of Famine: a Fourteenth century Environmental shock in the British Isles