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Centre Seminar Series

The Centre has a regular Tuesday seminar series, as well as hosting one-off events through the year.

Tuesday seminars take place between 13:00 and 14:00 hrs - you can bring your lunch! These are designed to provide a regular point of contact between colleagues across the University with an interest in Environment, Heritage and Policy, but a warm welcome is extended to everyone. The aim is to: share and ‘test out’ new ideas; seek wider collaboration; disseminate research; strengthen and expand upon the established links between the Divisions and — most importantly — reinforce a strong and vibrant research culture. The seminars are intended to be very informal and have no standardised format. Postgraduate contribution and participation are actively encouraged. If you would like to disseminate your research, or just want to ‘bounce around’ ideas, please get in touch with Sally Foster.

Autumn-Spring 2019-20 Programme

Meetings this year take place in Pathfoot Study Centre 2. Please note that the venue is different from previous years. You can read the seminar programme below or download it.




17 September 2019

Dr Qian Gao


Heritage authenticity in a globalised world

24 September

Jana Flieshart

Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Industriekultur, Dortmund, Germany

From coal to culture:

re-thinking the mining heritage of the Ruhr area

1 October


Dr Phil Slavin


Between outbreaks: formation of a permanent European plague reservoir in the 1350s

15 October


Sarah Bromage and Jane Cameron

Art Collection

The University of Stirling Art Collection and public engagement

29 October


Dr Katherine Cook

Anthropology, Université de Montréal

Processing the past: digital heritage, collaboration practice and the politics of engagement

12 November

Dr Jennie Morgan

Cupboards of doom: reflections on researching profusion in homes and museums for heritage futures

19 November


Professor Ian Simpson

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Urban-riverine hinterland synergies in semi-arid environments: millennial-scale change, adaptations, and environmental responses at Gerasa/Jerash

21 January 2020


Liz Robson


Wrestling with social value: an examination of methods and approaches for assessing social value in heritage management and conservation

28 January

Professor Richard Haynes

Communications, Media and Culture

Where’s the value in sporting heritage?

4 February


Dr Chiara Bonacchi

The deep past in Italian Populism: party narratives and grassroots activism

11 February


Sarah Harper 


Materialising the Cold War in Scotland

25 February


Molly Miller 
Edinburgh College of Art

Community reuse of redundant Church of Scotland churches

3 March

Dr Kirsten Jenkins

School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Edinburgh

The past, present and future of energy justice 

10 March


Dr Sarah Govan

Institute of Geography and the Lived Environment, University of Edinburgh

The past in the present: history, policy and the Scottish landscape

24 March


Robyn Raxworthy 

Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter

Excavating the archive in Cornwall’s china clay country: heritage-making practices and rethinking the role of dissonance in times of change

31 March 2020


Zoe Russell

Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology/Heritage

Moving beyond ‘common sense’ discourses of nature and heritage in the Scottish Highlands

Supporting the work of the Cultural Heritage and Extreme Events Research Programmes

Further information from Sally Foster
* University of Stirling unless otherwise indicated

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