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Centre Seminar Series

The Centre has a regular Tuesday seminar series, as well as hosting one-off events throughout the year. View the full events programme here.

Tuesday lunchtime seminars offer a regular point of contact between staff and students with an interest in Environment, Heritage and Policy from across the University, and a warm welcome is also extended to anyone with an interest beyond the University. The aims are to share and ‘test out’ new ideas, seek wider collaboration, disseminate research, strengthen and expand upon the established links between the Divisions, and — most importantly — reinforce a strong and vibrant research culture. We also welcome external speakers. The seminars are very informal and have no single format.

Tuesday lunchtime seminar programme 2021-22

All seminars will be conducted online using Microsoft Teams. Please see our programme summary below, or download the programme.

To receive an email reminder about meetings, please ask to join the CEHP mailing list – send your email address to Dr Sally Foster. You can ask to leave the mailing list at any time.

All meetings effectively run from 13:00 to 13:55 hrs

Autumn semester 2021


5 October

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Andrea Schapper

Senior Lecturer in Politics

University of Stirling

Chair: Dr Sally Foster

Human rights and justice-based civil society demands in international climate negotiations – COP26 and beyond


19 October

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Annalisa Savaresi

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law

University of Stirling

Chair: Dr Sally Foster

Getting to know COP26. What is on the agenda and what to expect


9 November

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Clemens Hoffmann

Lecturer in International Politics

University of Stirling

Chair: Dr Hannes Stephan

Climate emergency and the question of system change: Is ‘degrowth’ the only game left in town


23 November

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Hannes Stephan

Lecturer in Environmental Politics

University of Stirling

Chair: Dr Jennie Morgan

Communicating climate change through narratives: strategies for supporting low-carbon policy

Spring semester 2022


1 February

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Ewan Hyslop

Head of Technical Research and Science

Historic Environment Scotland

Honorary Professor, University of Stirling

Chair: Professor Siân Jones

Reflections on COP26


15 February

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Eileen Tisdall

Lecturer in Biological and Environmental Sciences University of Stirling

Chair: Dr Jennie Morgan

Cancelled due to ongoing strike action

Storming the castle: medieval climate change, storm surges and coastal impacts at Caerlaverock


8 March

13:00–14:00 hrs

Professor John Schofield

Department of Archaeology

University of York

Chair: Professor Siân Jones

‘Trouble in paradise’: how archaeology can be used to address the wicked problem of plastic pollution in the Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador)


22 March

13:00–14:00 hrs

Dr Lorna-Jane Richardson

Lecturer in Digital Humanities

Department of Art, Media and American Studies University of East Anglia

 Chair: Dr Chiara Bonacchi

The dark side of digital heritage: ethics and sustainability in digital practice