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Research seminars

We run a regular programme of seminars within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, sharing our latest research and inviting guest speakers to do the same. Take a closer look at upcoming events, and check back regularly to see the updated list of seminars taking place. 

2019/2020 Schedule

  • Communications, Media and Culture
    When Where Speaker(s) Subject
    2nd Oct 2019, 1pm Pathfoot C23 Mel Selfe, University of Glasgow Mr Goldwyn’s Ice Cream Fantasy: Institutional advertising and imaging an industrial utopia​
    16th Oct 2019, 1pm Pathfoot C23 Laura Jane Chalmers, BBC

    'Making Babies': Film screening and discussion (introduced by Therese Lynch)

    13th Nov 2019, 1pm Pathfoot Study Centre 2 Ana Maria Sanchez-Arce, Sheffield Hallam TBC
    4th Dec 2019, 1pm Pathfoot Portakabin - Room 6 Dominic Hinde, Queen Margaret University

    Populism and journalistic work: A newsroom ethnography of the Swedish immigration debate.

    All welcome. For further information, please contact Maria Velez-Serna on

  • History, Heritage and Politics



    Where Speaker(s) Subject

    18 September 2019, 4pm-5pm

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Dr María Inés Tato 

    National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, University of Buenos Aires

    For King and Empire: the contributions of the British community in Argentina to the war effort, 1914-1919.
    2 October 2019, 4pm-5pm Pathfoot Room C25

    Dr Avril Maddrell 

    Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading

    Liminal and emotional-affective spatialities in places of remembrance and pilgrimage
    9 October 2019, 4pm-5pm Pathfoot Room C1/2 Dr Erica Hannickel-Terry 

    Environmental History, Northland College, USA

    The Missouri Botanical Garden, the ‘conquest’ of the American West, and the mid-19th century international plant trade

    6 November 2019,

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Professor Mark Wickham-Jones and Dr Magnus Feldman

    Politics, University of Bristol

    Practical social democracy
    20 November 2019, 4pm-5pm Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Dr Joanne Laycock

    Modern History, University of Manchester

    Refugees, Resettlement and the Making of a Soviet Armenian Nation

    15 January 2020, 4pm-5pm

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Dr Gönül Bozoğlu

    Heritage, University of Newcastle

    Museums, emotion and memory culture: the politics of the past in Turkey 

    22 January 2020, 4pm-5pm

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Professor Steven P. Remy

    Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA

    The real First World War: colonial wars as a global conflict 

    5 February 2020


    Pathfoot Room C1/2 

    Dr Francesco Belcastro

    International Relations, University of Derby

    Regional powers, foreign policy and alliances: the case of Syria 

    4 March 2020

      Speakers to be announced


    Showcase presentations by PhD students in History, Heritage and Politics

    11 March 2020, 4pm-5pm

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Professor Rebecca Madgin

    Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

    Why does the past matter? Emotional attachments to historic urban places 

    1 April 2020, 4pm-5pm

    Pathfoot Room C1/2

    Professor Per Bolin

    Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

    Nationalism and academic standards in the new universities of inter-war Eastern Europe 


    All members of staff and postgraduates in other Faculties are most welcome to attend.

  • Law and Philosophy
    When Where Speaker(s) Subject
    4.15pm, 12 September 2019 C1, Pathfoot Margaret Gilbert (Irvine)   
    4.15pm, 19 September 2019 C1, Pathfoot Paul Bloomfield (UConn)  
    4.15pm, 26 September 2019 C1, Pathfoot Adrian Moore (Oxford)  
    4.15pm, 3 October 2019 C1, Pathfoot Elizabeth Cripps (Edinburgh)  
    4.15pm, 17 October 2019 C1, Pathfoot

    Daniel Whiting (Southampton)

    4.15pm, 31 October 2019 C1, Pathfoot Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol)  
    4.15pm, 7 November 2019 A7, Pathfoot Lucy Campbell (Warwick)  
    4.15pm, 14 November 2019 C1, Pathfoot Johannes Roessler (Warwick)  
    4.15pm, 21 November 2019 C1, Pathfoot Miriam Ronzoni (Manchester)  
    4.15pm, 28 November 2019 C1, Pathfoot Craig French (Nottingham)  

     For further information, please contact

  • Literature and Languages
    When Where Speaker(s) Subject
    Wednesday, 9 October, 1-2pm Pathfoot Room C21 Beth Driscoll (University of Melbourne)

    Reading and Empathy

    Wednesday, 9 October, 4-5pm Pathfoot Room C21

    Lisa Downing (University of Birmingham)

    Reflections on Selfish Women

    Wednesday, 30 October, 1-2pm Pathfoot Room C21 Andrew Smith (University of Stirling)

    Social Interaction and the Evolution of Symbols and Grammar

    Wednesday, 13 November 1-2pm Pathfoot Room C21 Santiago Fouz-Hernandez (Durham University) The Erotic Films of Bigas Luna
    Wednesday, 20 November, 1-2pm Pathfoot Room C21

    Alice Doyle, Mhairi Rutherford, and Lorna Wallace

    Postgraduate Session

    For more information contact Kelsey Jackson Williams at

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