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wallace monument and stirling

History and Politics

Research within the division of History and Politics resonates far beyond the University. It has an interdisciplinary focus that cuts across both areas and engages with the work of others, especially in the fields of global security and the history and policy of civil society. Our work makes an impact on society and government policy. It focuses on challenges that matter – from environmental sustainability to international conflict resolution, diplomacy and foreign policy. It also provides analysis and knowledge of the foundation on which our civil society rests, locally, nationally and globally.

If you join us as an undergraduate student, you’ll explore the forces that shape the past, present and future under the guidance of expert staff. You’ll gain a deeper insight into how the world works – and acquire the skills you need to make your own mark on it. You’ll also have the freedom to combine a BA Honours in History or Politics or International Politics with more than 15 other subjects. Meanwhile, our range of postgraduate courses empower you to contribute to the political policies of tomorrow or build an applicable knowledge of history and heritage.

Research students and staff thrive in a dynamic culture where collaboration is key, international links abound and the desire to make a meaningful contribution to society is always at the forefront of our minds.

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