Institute for Social Marketing and Health staff

Contact details
Column one lists names, column two lists positions, column three lists email addresses
Name Position Email
Dr Georgia Alexandrou Research Fellow

Kathryn Angus Research Officer
Dr Catherine Best Lecturer Statistician
Ashley Brown Research Fellow
Dr Lauren Carters-White Lecturer in Public Health, Health Sciences

Dr Nathan Critchlow Research Fellow
Professor Niamh Fitzgerald Director
Dr Allison Ford Associate Professor
Dr Erica Gadsby Senior Lecturer, Health Sciences
Professor Gerard Hastings Emeritus Professor
Rebecca Howell Research Assistant
Professor Kate Hunt Professor
Dr Daniel Jones Research Fellow
Anne Marie MacKintosh Senior Researcher
Dr Alice MacLean Research Fellow
Dr Jordan Maclean Research Assistant
Jack Martin Research Fellow
Jennifer McKell Research Fellow
Lauren McMillan Research Assistant
Dr Gemma Mitchell Research Fellow

Professor Crawford Moodie Professor
Dr James Nicholls Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Health Sciences
Dr Rachel O'Donnell Senior Research Fellow
Aileen Paton Research Co-ordinator
Dr Richard Purves Senior Research Fellow
Professor Sean Semple Professor
Dr Isabelle Uny Senior Research Fellow
Professor Michael Ussher Professor of Behavioural Medicine
Dr Charlotte Wendelboe-Nelson Spectrum Knowledge Broker
Clair Woods-Brown Research Fellow 

Research students

Name Position Email
Heather Mitchell Research Student