Sport Social Science Research Group (S3RG)

Our work

S3RG is a multi-disciplinary research group applying expertise in management, psychology, sociology, social policy, and coaching studies to critical research on issues related to the role of sport in society, locally, and internationally.

Our group

The Sport and Social Science Research Group is led by Dr Claudio Rocha.

Group Members

Dr Claudio Rocha (Director of S3RG) whose research interests are in social impacts of hosting sport mega-events, mainly in developing countries.  

Dr Jenni Connelly whose research focuses on using physical activity to prevent, manage, or cure health conditions. 

Dr Paul Dimeo whose main areas of research interest and expertise relate to drug use in sport and anti-doping policy. 

Paul Greaves whose research interests include sport coaching and sport for development.

Dr Chris Hartley whose research interests are generally related to applied sport and exercise psychology. Specifically, Chris is interested in the design, delivery, and evaluation of social support in sport, often through the lens of social identity theory.

Dr Andrew Jenkin whose research interests include gender and sport, media and sport, and grassroots and community sport.

Dr Hee Jung Hong whose research interest is in how to support high-performance athletes both during and after their sporting career. 

Mr Robert Kielty whose research interests are in the management of sport from a range of perspectives, including professional and academy football, employment, and mentoring. 

Dr Sungkyung Kim whose main areas of research and expertise include sport management, e-sport, and sport event management.

Mr Stephen Macdonald who works in sport coaching and has a particular focus on coaching effectiveness, coaches’ decision making, coach development, and talent development with a holistic focus. 

Dr William McConn-Palfreyman whose research interests focus on sport psychology.

Dr Michael McDougall whose main areas of research interest include organisational culture, organising, meaning and meaningfulness in work, sport, and leisure, sport and social Issues, mental health, cultural psychology, localism and heritage, place

Dr Robert Morris whose research focuses on understanding dual careers, transitions, and talent development in sport, with particular emphasis on understanding the individual, group, and cultural factors influencing these areas. 

Caitlin Rattray whose research interests include fitness and leisure management, education and training for fitness professionals, and volunteering in sport and employability.

Dr David Stevenson whose research interests include performance analysis, talent ID, athlete welfare, and strategic management.

Dr Guy Wilkinson whose research includes statistical and economic analysis in sport. 

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