Sport Social Science

Our work

Drawing on the disciplines of economics, finance, psychology, management, sociology, sport for development and coaching, the group’s work is concerned with understanding and reflecting critically on the ways in which sport affects and impacts society.

Our group

S3RG is led by Stephen Morrow, whose research focuses on financial aspects of sport, with a particular interest in the ownership and governance of football clubs and in the changing role of the football manager.

Group Members

Dr Justine Allen whose research focuses on coach development and what coaches do, why, and how it impacts on participants with a particular interest in the motivational climate and life skills development.

Dr Joe Bradley whose research interests lie in sport's relationship with ethnicity, nationalism, identity, race, religion and politics.

Dr Pete Coffee whose research centres on helping people to think adaptively - Adaptive Thinking. The lens through which we view events and situations shapes cognitions, emotions, and behaviours. Adaptive Thinking is underpinned by his research on social identity theory, attributional retraining, and social support theory (principally, social psychology).

Dr Paul Dimeo whose main areas of research interest and expertise relate to drug use in sport and anti-doping policy.

Dr Andrew Kirkland whose research is concerned with the epistemology of sports coaches, understanding what coaches know and why do they know it and in relating coaching practice to academic theory.

Dr Marie Overbye whose main research areas relate to performance-enhancing strategies in elite sport, elite sporting lives and working conditions, doping and anti-doping policy.

Dr Irene Reid whose research interests are located in the critical analysis of sport as a social and cultural practice. Her work concentrates on sport, nationalism and cultural identity and media representations of identity through sport.

Dr Claudio Rocha's research interests are in the organisation, impacts and legacies of sport mega-events and in international sport consumer behaviours.

John Taylor who works across a broad range of sports topics including sports policy, strategic planning development, youth sport, youth leadership and sports participation.

Dr Sarah Zipp is a researcher in the field of sport for development, with a focus on how gender influences capability development in youth participants in sport programmes. Her work also examines gender roles, norms and attitudes in sport leadership.