One woman measuring height of another woman to collect health data

Research in health sciences and sport

We’re a multi-disciplinary faculty responsible for pioneering research in a number of important fields: nursing, physiology, psychology, management, sociology, social marketing, public health, primary care and mental health.

Our research is world-leading and has been recognised internationally for making a positive and demonstrable impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and society.

We’ve secured a large number of research grants from a variety of sources, including: National Institute for Health Research, Chief Scientist’s Office, Medical Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, Scottish Government, charities and industry. We’ve also recently received funding from the RCUK Global Challenges Research Foundation, which has expanded our international impact.

We offer the following research postgraduate degrees: Doctor of Nursing, Doctor of Midwifery, Doctor of Professional, Health Studies

Our research themes

  • Mechanisms of change: understanding the ecological, social and biophysical processes underlying health and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle and behaviour change: increasing physical activity, promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviours and reducing unhealthy behaviours
  • Service delivery policy and practice: evaluating healthcare and sport interventions, health and sport policy and models of practice

The science behind The Daily Mile

Watch how our research could improve the health and fitness of our schoolchildren around the world. Find out more about the study behind the research.

Research groups

Cancer Care Research Group

We seek to influence policy and healthcare decisions through research that focuses on how people live well with and beyond cancer.

Population and Public Health Research Group

We produce policy and practice-relevant research that will improve the health of populations and reduce health inequalities.

Centre for Tobacco Control Research

We help change smoking behaviour through research and evaluation of  tobacco control policies.

Enhancing Self Care

Our aim is to support self-care and self-management in a variety of settings using a range of person-centred research approaches.

Institute for Social Marketing and Health

We are the UK’s leading social marketing research centre, studying social marketing theory and practice. 

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals Research Unit

NMAHP-RU focuses on research into NMAHP Interventions and Care Delivery to benefit patient and population health.

Physiology, Exercise and Nutrition

Our research spans the spectrum from healthy individuals to clinical populations.

Sport Social Science

The group is concerned with understanding the ways in which sport affects and impacts society.


Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to understand how physical activity can influence physical and mental health and vice versa across a range of age groups, ability levels and settings.