Research groups

Explore research groups in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport.

Health Sciences

Institute for Social Marketing and Health

We are the UK’s leading social marketing research centre, studying social marketing theory and practice. 

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals Research Unit

NMAHP-RU focuses on research into NMAHP Interventions and Care Delivery to benefit patient and population health.

Research in Health Sciences

Health Sciences researchers form an active teaching and research division with practice at its core.


Physiology, Exercise and Nutrition (PENRG)

Our research spans the spectrum from healthy individuals to clinical populations.

Stirling Physical Activity Research, Knowledge and Learning Exchange (SPARKLE)

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to understand how physical activity can influence physical and mental health and vice versa across a range of age groups, ability levels and settings.

Sport Social Science (S3RG)

The group is concerned with understanding the ways in which sport affects and impacts society.