Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport staff directory

Faculty Staff

Contact details for faculty staff
Column one lists names, column two lists their designation, column three lists their building and column four lists email addresses




Email address

Prof Jayne Donaldson

Dean of Faculty

Pathfoot Building


Morag Hunter

Faculty Manager

Pathfoot Building


Susan Geary

PA/Office Manager

Pathfoot Building


Joanne Johnstone

Administrative Assistant

Pathfoot Building


Alana Patterson

Administrative Assistant

Pathfoot Building


Sarah King

Student Experience & Enhancement Manager

Pathfoot Building


Kirsty Allan

Undergraduate Studies Officer

Pathfoot Building



Lynne Black

Student Experience Administrator

Pathfoot Building


Johanna Moor

Student Experience Administrator

Pathfoot Building


Julien Grammare

Student Experience Administrator

Pathfoot Building


Aprill Smith

Graduate & Professional Studies Officer

Pathfoot Building


Matthew Turk

Student Experience Administrator

Pathfoot Building


Rachel Coyne

Student Experience Administrator

Pathfoot Building


Institute of Social Marketing Staff

Contact details for staff
Column one lists names, column two lists designation and column three lists email addresses
NameDesignationEmail address
Dr Nathan Critchlow Research Assistant nathan.critchlow@stir.ac.uk 
Fiona Davidson Project Manager for GCRF fiona.davidson@stir.ac.uk 
Fiona Dobbie Research Fellow  
Mr Douglas Eadie Researcher douglas.eadie@stir.ac.uk
Dr Niamh Fitzgerald Senior Lecturer niamh.fitzgerald@stir.ac.uk
Ms Allison Ford Research Fellow a.j.ford@stir.ac.uk
Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh Senior Researcher a.m.mackintosh@stir.ac.uk
Danielle Mitchell Impact Student danielle.mitchell1@stir.ac.uk
Dr Andrea Mohan Research Assistant a.r.mohan@stir.ac.uk 
Dr Crawford Moodie Research Officer c.s.moodie@stir.ac.uk 
Susan Murray Statistician/Health Researcher susan.murray1@stir.ac.uk
Ms Aileen Paton Research Co-ordinator aileen.paton@stir.ac.uk
Dr Richard Purves Research Fellow r.i.purves@stir.ac.uk
Dr Sean Semple Associate Professor sean.semple@stir.ac.uk 
Clare Sharp Impact Student clare.sharp1@stir.ac.uk
Ms Lesley Sinclair Research Officer l.a.sinclair@stir.ac.uk
Ms Martine Stead Researcher and 
Deputy Director of Institute
Isabelle Uny Research Assistant isabelle.uny@stir.ac.uk


Please visit the NMAHP RU website for information on staff.

Sports staff

Contact details for staff
Column one lists names, column two lists titles, column three lists rooms, column four lists telephone numbers and column five lists email addresses
NameTitleRoomTelephone - (01786)Email contact
Prof Tess Kay Deputy Dean and Head of Sport E20 Pathfoot 46 6363 t.a.kay@stir.ac.uk
Justine Allen Senior Lecturer J5 Pathfoot 46 6474 justine.allen@stir.ac.uk
Naomi Brooks Senior Lecturer 4B135 Cottrell  46 6478 n.e.brooks@stir.ac.uk
Pete Coffee Senior Lecturer G11 Pathfoot 46 6253 peter.coffee@stir.ac.uk
Jenni Connelly Lecturer 3A74 Cottrell  46 6399 jenni.connelly1@stir.ac.uk
Thomas Di Virgilio Lecturer 4v8 Cottrell 46 6494  thomas.divirgilio@stir.ac.uk
Paul Dimeo Associate Professor J13, Pathfoot 46 6499 paul.dimeo@stir.ac.uk
Gillian Dreczkowski Lab Manager 3B142C Cottrell  46 6297 g.m.dreczkowski@stir.ac.uk
Iain Gallagher Lecturer 4B133 Cottrell  46 6024 i.j.gallagher@stir.ac.uk
Stuart Galloway Reader 4B142 Cottrell  46 6494 s.d.r.galloway@stir.ac.uk
Chris Grigson Chief Technician C4 Pathfoot/4B165 Cottrell 46 6469 chris.grigson@stir.ac.uk
Chris Hartley Lecturer J8 Pathfoot 46 6283


April Henning  Lecturer  Room J12  46 6358  april.henning@stir.ac.uk 
Hee Jung Hong Lecturer  Room J6  46 6097  heejung.hong@stir.ac.uk 
Angus Hunter Reader and Associate Dean (Research) 3A77 Cottrell  46 6497 a.m.hunter1@stir.ac.uk
Robert Kielty Lecturer J6 Pathfoot 46 7219


Andrew Kirkland Lecturer J2A Pathfoot 46 6490 andrew.kirkland@stir.ac.uk 
Emma Lyons Lecturer J10 Pathfoot  46 6473 emma.lyons@stir.ac.uk
Stephen Macdonald Lecturer J2A Pathfoot 46 6107  stephen.macdonald@stir.ac.uk 
Lewis Macgregor Lecturer 4V6 Cottrell 46 6475  l.j.macgregor1@stir.ac.uk
John Mathers Senior Lecturer J10 Pathfoot  46 6496 j.f.mathers@stir.ac.uk
Brian Minikin Lecturer     b.r.minikin@stir.ac.uk
Colin Moran Associate Professor 4B131 Cottrell  46 6510 colin.moran@stir.ac.uk
Robert Morris Lecturer J8 Pathoot 46 7345


Stephen Morrow Senior Lecturer J12 Pathfoot 46 6495 s.h.morrow@stir.ac.uk
Dr Kacey Neely Lecturer   46 6099 kacey.neely@stir.ac.uk
Marie Overbye Lecturer J2A Pathfoot   marie.overbye@stir.ac.uk
Claudio Rocha Lecturer J4 Pathfoot 46 6388 claudio.rocha@stir.ac.uk 
Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez Lecturer 4V8 Cottrell 46 6098  nidia.rodriguezsanchez@stir.ac.uk
Gemma Ryde Lecturer  J12 Pathfoot 46 6384  gemma.ryde@stir.ac.uk 
John Taylor Lecturer J13 Pathfoot  46 6479 john.taylor@stir.ac.uk
Niels Vollaard Lecturer 3A70 Cottrell  46 6488 n.vollaard@stir.ac.uk
Professor Anna Whittaker Professor of Behavioural Medicine J1 Pathfoot/3A75 Cottrell 46 7816


Guy Wilkinson  Lecturer  J6 Pathfoot 46 6095  guy.wilkinson@stir.ac.uk 
Sarah Zipp Lecturer J4 Pathfoot  46 6331  sarah.zipp@stir.ac.uk

Honorary staff

Contact details for staff
Column one lists names, column two lists designations, column three lists area and column four lists email addresses
NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Angela Wallace Honorary Professor NHS Forth Valley  

Health Sciences staff

Contact details for staff
Column one lists names, column two lists designations, column three lists area, column four lists email addresses
NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Dr Ashley Shepherd Head of Health Sciences Pathfoot Building ashley.shepherd@stir.ac.uk
Dr Purva Abhyankar Lecturer Pathfoot Building purva.abhyankar@stir.ac.uk
Federico Andreis Lecturer Statistician Pathfoot Building federico.andreis@stir.ac.uk 
Ms Kathryn Angus Research Officer Pathfoot Building kathryn.angus@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Lorraine Armstrong Lecturer Pathfoot Building lorraine.armstrong@stir.ac.uk
Dr Catherine Best Statistician/Health Researcher Pathfoot Building catherine.best2@stir.ac.uk
Dr Carol Bugge Associate Professor Pathfoot Building carol.bugge@stir.ac.uk
Agnieszka Burns Lecturer in Acute Nursing Pathfoot Building agnieszka.burns@stir.ac.uk
Dr Dawn Cameron Lecturer Pathfoot Building dawn.cameron@stir.ac.uk
Kate Clarke Lecturer Pathfoot Building k.m.clarke@stir.ac.uk
Margaret Conlon Lecturer Pathfoot Building margaret.conlon@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Liz Cornwallis Lecturer Pathfoot Building elizabeth.cornwallis@stir.ac.uk
Dr Susanne Cruickshank Reader Pathfoot Building susanne.cruickshank@stir.ac.uk
Mr Bill Culbard Service User Advisor Pathfoot Building w.r.culbard1@stir.ac.uk
Dr Nicola Cunningham MacMillan Lecturer Pathfoot Building n.a.cunningham@stir.ac.uk
Gwen Drysdale Lecturer Pathfoot Building gwen.drysdale@stir.ac.uk
Claire Eades Lecturer Pathfoot Building c.e.eades@stir.ac.uk
Dr Josie Evans Associate Professor in Public Health Pathfoot Building josie.evans@stir.ac.uk
Marianne Fairley-Murdoch Lecturer Pathfoot Building marianne.murdoch@stir.ac.uk 
Dr David Fitzpatrick Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building david.fitzpatrick@stir.ac.uk 
Ms Allison Ford Research Fellow Pathfoot Building a.j.ford@stir.ac.uk
Alison Hackett Lecturer Pathfoot Building alison.hackett@stir.ac.uk
Janet Hamill Lecturer Pathfoot Building janet.hamill1@stir.ac.uk 
Prof Sally Haw Professor of Public and Population Health Pathfoot Building s.j.haw@stir.ac.uk
Dr Carina Hibberd Lecturer Pathfoot Building carina.hibberd@stir.ac.uk
Dr Hazel Hill Lecturer Pathfoot Building h.c.hill@stir.ac.uk
Aileen Ireland Research Assistant Pathfoot Building a.v.ireland@stir.ac.uk
Anne Lackie Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley anne.lackie@nhs.net
Emma Lamont Lecturer Pathfoot Building emma.lamont@stir.ac.uk
Dr Kirsty Loudon Lecturer Pathfoot Building kirsty.loudon@stir.ac.uk
Christina McColl Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley christinamccoll@nhs.net
Suzanne McGregor Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley smcgregor4@nhs.net
Susan Murray Statistician/Health Researcher Pathfoot Building susan.murray1@stir.ac.uk
Lynne Paterson Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley   
Dr Tony Robertson Lecturer Pathfoot Building tony.robertson@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Julia Scott Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) Pathfoot Building julia.scott@stir.ac.uk
Fiona Smith Senior Lecturer (Acute Nursing) Pathfoot Building fiona.smith@stir.ac.uk
Janet Smith Lecturer Pathfoot Building j.g.smith@stir.ac.uk
Janine Stewart Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley janine.stewart@nhs.net
Dr Kathleen Stoddart Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building k.m.stoddart@stir.ac.uk
Lorna Stoppard Lecturer Pathfoot Building lorna.stoppard@stir.ac.uk 
Dr Anne Taylor Lecturer Pathfoot Building a.d.taylor@stir.ac.uk
Angela Wallace Honorary Professor NHS Forth Valley  
Ashleigh Ward Lecturer Pathfoot Building a.l.ward@stir.ac.uk
Dr Karen Watchman Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building karen.watchman@stir.ac.uk
Prof Andrew Watterson Professor of Health Effectiveness Pathfoot Building a.e.watterson@stir.ac.uk
Dr Joyce Wilkinson Lecturer Pathfoot Building j.e.wilkinson@stir.ac.uk