Dr Paula Jacobs

Research Fellow

Social Work Stirling

Dr Paula Jacobs

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About me

About me

As a researcher I am passionate about inclusive and participatory research practices and the ethics of involving people who are often deemed vulnerable or to lack capacity.

I worked in learning disability services for nine years before starting my PhD to explore transitions in the lives of adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities. I completed my PhD at the beginning of 2021.

Since then I worked on projects exploring the disruption of adoption and permanent fostering placements, the mental health of young people in care, with a focus on neurodiversity, and how to support couples with a learning disability when one partner has dementia.

I am interested in care-relationships, how care is practiced and experienced within social care, and how wider processes and factors shape decision-making within care settings. I am experienced in using ethnography, life story research, case studies, focus groups and creative methods to facilitate interviews.


Learning Disability, Social Care, Inclusive and Participatory Research, Narrative

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Jacobs P, Quayle E & Wilkinson H (2023) "What is my experience of what I am in relation to people who I have shared my life with for the last 34 years?": exploring care relationships at the end of life in two life-sharing communities for people with a learning disability. International Journal of Care and Caring.