Mrs Agi McFarland

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Health Sciences Stirling Stirling

Mrs Agi McFarland

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Research (1)

Health economics Economic modelling Cost effectiveness analysis Quality of life measurement Systematic reviews Meta analysis Quantitative methods


Rapid Access Referrals for Prostate Cancer
PI: Dr Erica Gadsby
Funded by: Cancer Research UK

Outputs (5)



Gadsby EW, Brown C, Crawford C, Dale G, Duncan E, Galbraith L, Gold K, Hibberd C, McFarland A, McGlashan J, McInnes M, McNaughton J, Murray J, Teodorowski P & Thomson J (2023) Test, evidence, transition projects in Scotland: developing the evidence needed for transition of effective interventions in cancer care from innovation into mainstream practice. BMC Cancer, 23 (1).


Price L, Gozdzielewska L, Hendry K, McFarland A & Reilly J (2023) Effectiveness of national and sub-national interventions for prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in acute hospitals in high- and upper-middle-income counties: systematic review update. Lancet Infectious Diseases.