Ms Margaret Conlon


Health Sciences Stirling Facutly of Health Sciences and Sport E23, Pathfoot University of Stirling FK9 4LA

Ms Margaret Conlon

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About me

I am a Registered Child Health and Mental Health Nurse with over twenty years professional history of working with a range of health needs including vulnerable women, people with addictions and children and families who have histories of foster and residential care. I have been a lecturer in nursing for over fifteen years and hold a PG cert in Teaching and Learning and two awards at Masters' level in teaching, nursing and online learning. I have a keen interest in nurse education particularly focused around student experience and the articulation of models of progressive care delivery and philosophy. I have experienced a number of teaching roles and am a member of Mental Health Nurse Academics (UK); Mental Health Nursing Forum (Scotland) and an active in other education and nursing practice forums in the UK.

University Contribution

Mental Health Nursing Forum Scotland Award
Mental Health Nursing Forum Scotland
The Mental Health Forum (Scotland) (@MHNFS) is a national organisation that works to promote and recgonise innovative practice in the provision of mental health services and in the educational needs of mental health nurse education. The Research and Evidence into Practice was awarded to University of Stirling with the submission: *Building a Trauma Informed Workforce* in recognition of the articulation between curriculum content in the BSc Mental Health Nursing programme and mental health nursing practice. Student nurses demonstrated nursing skills, knowledge and practice in applying Psychological Trauma Informed Care in complex care contexts.