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Staff directory – Literature and Languages

English Academic Staff


Dr Liam Murray Bell

Lecturer in Creative Writing
Dr Bethan Benwell Joint Head of Division
Professor Christine Ferguson Professor in English
Professor Justin Edwards Chair in Gothic Studies
Dr Katie Halsey Senior Lecturer
Dr Scott Hames Lecturer
Dr Adrian Hunter Joint Head of Division
Professor Kathleen Jamie Chair in Creative Writing
Dr Timothy Jones Lecturer
Mr Kevin MacNeil Lecturer
Dr Stephen Penn Lecturer
Dr Chris Powici Teaching Fellow
Dr Gemma Robinson Senior Lecturer
Ms Frances Sessford Teaching Fellow
Dr Michael Shaw Lecturer
Dr Andrew Smith Lecturer
Professor Claire Squires Professor in Publishing Studies
Dr Gillian Tasker Lecturer
Dr Angus Vine Lecturer
Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams Lecturer
Professor Glennis Byron Emeritus Professor
Professor John Drakakis Emeritus Professor
Professor Neil Keeble Emeritus Professor
Professor David Richards Emeritus Professor
Professor Angela Smith Emeritus Professor
Professor Grahame Smith Emeritus Professor
Professor Rory Watson Emeritus Professor

Languages, Cultures and Religion Academic Staff

Dr Peter Baker Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies
Dr Fiona Barclay Senior Lecturer in French and Postcolonial Studies
Dr Fiona Darroch Lecturer in Religion

Professor Ann Davies

Chair in Spanish Studies
Dr Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Senior Lecturer in Latin American and Amerindian Studies
Ms Brigitte Depret French Language Assistant
Mr Jean-Michel DesJacques Teaching Fellow in French
Professor Elizabeth Ezra Professor of Cinema and Culture
Mr Jose Ferreira-Cayuela Teaching Fellow in Spanish
Dr Zhe Gao Senior Lecturer, Religion

Dr Hannah Grayson Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
Dr Andrew Hass Reader in Religion
Dr Alison Jasper Senior Lecturer in Religion
Dr Cristina Johnston Senior Lecturer in French

Dr Saihong Li

Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies

Ms Nelia Losada Garcia

Spanish Language Assistant
Dr Aedin Ni Loingsigh Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
Ms Mathilde Mazau French Language Assistant
Dr Emeline Morin Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
Mr Kester Newill Lecturer in Interpreting/Translation Studies
Dr Guillermo Olivera Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies
Dr Ines Ordiz Alonso-Collada Lecturer in Spanish and Lating American Studies
Professor Nina Parish Professor in French and Francophone Studies
Professor Raquel de Pedro Ricoy Professor of Translation and Interpreting
Dr Bashir Saade Lecturer in Religion
Ms Maria Barbero Sanchez Spanish Language Assistant
Dr Anne Stokes

Lecturer in German and Translation Studies
Dr Alastair Duncan Honorary Senior Research Fellow (French)
Dr Bill Kidd Honorary Senior Research Fellow (French)
Professor Brian Murdoch Emeritus Professor
Professor Sian Reynolds Emeritus Professor
Professor Richard Roberts Emeritus Visiting Professor

Professional Services Staff

Sharron Jack Faculty Administrator

Laura Paterson Administrative Assistant
Kieran McAllister Administrative Assistant


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