Dr Murray Cook - Hon. Research Fellow


I graduated from the archaeology department in Edinburgh in 1995 and have since worked across Northern Britain in a variety of roles in commercial and curatorial archaeology. I am currently employed as Stirling Council’s Archaeologist giving archaeological advice to Stirling, Clackmannanshire and North Lanarkshire Councils.

In 2015 I gained a PhD from Edinburgh for a study of the later prehistoric settlement record of the Don Valley in Aberdeenshire, combining key-hole excavation with commercial mitigation excavations.

I conduct research excavations into later prehistoric settlement sites in Stirling, East Lothian and Aberdeenshire and am the co-founder and co-director of Rampart Scotland an archaeological field school http://www.rampartscotland.co.uk/. I regularly hosts student placements and am keen to hear from interested individuals.

I am passionate about public engagement with archaeology and regularly run free excavations, walks, lectures and other active engagement with the public, the details of which are presented in a regular and informal email list (see contact details below).

Selected publications are listed below.

Email: cookm@stirling.gov.uk

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