Derek Hall

Archaeologist and Ceramic Specialist


Derek studied at the Dorset Institute of Higher Education, Weymouth where he gained a Certificate in Practical Archaeology (graduating in 1978). From 1976 to 1980 he worked on archaeological sites throughout Scotland and England, including one of the first urban rescue excavations in Scotland in advance of the Elgin Relief road.

In 1980 he joined the Urban Archaeology Unit, the predecessor of the Scottish Urban Archaeological Unit (SUAT). From 1982-1985 he was a Senior Supervisor for SUAT on several major excavations before being appointed Field Officer. In 1996 he was seconded to Historic Scotland as an Inspector of Ancient Monuments, before returning to SUAT as Depute Director until its demise in 2009. He has extensive research interests in Scottish Medieval Pottery and medieval hospitals and monastic granges. He is currently Editor of the Tayside and Fife Archaeological Journal and editor of Medieval Ceramics (annual journal of the Medieval Pottery Research Group).


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