Expectant Mothers

The University has arrangements in place for pregnant staff members and for new mums when they return to work.

As soon as the member of staff becomes aware she is pregnant she should advise her Line Manager. The Line Manager should then carry out a Risk Assessment to identify if there are any additional work risks arising from the pregnancy and to implement any required control precautions. The completed Risk Assessment form, Maternity Leave application and matb1 form should then be submitted to the Human Resources payroll section.

Prior to carrying out the risk assessment:

Pregnant worker/nursing mothers' restroom

This room is situated in the Cottrell Building, room 2B72, the key should be collected from the Security desk. The room can be pre-booked. Provisions include a bed, chair, basin and a mini fridge, which is for storing breastmilk only. Breastmilk bottles should be labelled and not stored for more than 1 day. If you have any concerns about this room, contact tanya.cairns@stir.ac.uk.