Report an Accident

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All staff have a responsibility to report accidents, significant near-miss incidents (an incident where something had the potential to cause injury). This ensures that there is a record of the accident, that the relevant manager is informed, that an investigation, if required, can be completed and remedial action can be taken.

An online system for reporting accidents at work, significant near-miss incidents, work-related ill health and dangerous occurrences is available. The link to the accident reporting system can be found on the ‘Working at Stirling’ tab on the Portal titled ‘Report and accident/ incident’. The system utilises a single sign-on and you will be directed straight to the system. The online system is quick and straightforward to use. At the end of the report, you are provided with a summary of the information you have submitted and will be asked to allocate the incident to your School Manager or Service Director. You should then click to save the report. When you do this, the system will send an email to your School Manager/ Service Director to inform them that you have submitted a report. You are able to view the reports that you have submitted but will not be able to see reports made by others. Your School Manager/ Service Director will be able to view all reports allocated to them and, if required, start an investigation into the incident.

Once saved, reports cannot be edited but additional information can be added at a later stage. You can also upload documents and photographs to the incident at a later stage if necessary which is a useful feature to keep all the information relevant to an incident together.

The system also incorporates reporting systems for the residences, security and fire. However, only those staff within these defined groups will be able to see these parts of the system. A paper version can still be used but only by staff who do not have regular access to a computer. Paper forms should be forwarded to your line manager for input into the online system (not SESC).

Reporting accidents involving students, visitors or contractors

Where possible, accidents involving students, visitors and contractors should also be reported using the accident reporting system.

Students are encouraged to report accidents to the Security Staff or to their Residence Concierge (if staying in University accommodation).

Accidents involving visitors that are witnessed by, or reported to, a member of staff can be reported by the member of staff on the accident reporting system or alternatively to a member of the Security Staff.

Accidents involving contractors should be reported to the manager responsible for supervising the contractor who will then report the accident on the accident reporting system.

Accident/ incident investigation

All significant accidents should be investigated by the Faculty Manager/ Service Director, with assistance from SESC if required, so that remedial action or additional control procedures can be implemented. Where accidents result from a defect or maintenance issue related to the building these should be reported immediately to 2444. Accidents should also be discussed at the Faculty/service directorate safety meetings so that important feedback information resulting from the accident can be communicated effectively within the Faculty/service directorate.

A summary of the University's accident statistics is presented to the Safety, Health and Environment committee.

RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

Serious accidents, certain reportable diseases and types of dangerous occurrences must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive as soon as possible following the event - this is done by SESC.

Accidents are most likely to become reportable because the person has either broken a bone or is unable to do their normal work for a period of more than seven days. However, there is a defined range of circumstances for reporting these incidents and information can be obtained from Safety, Environment, Security and Continuity. The HSE may wish to inspect or investigate following a serious accident and it is important that as much detail and investigation is carried out by University personnel to assist this process.

The Health and Safety Executive free leaflet can be found here