Eyesight Screening

Arrangements for eyesight testing and provision of glasses for staff working with display screen equipment (computers).

The University has made arrangements with Specsavers to offer a corporate eye care service for all users of display screen equipment. If you feel your eyesight should be checked in relation to your work using a computer, you can obtain an eyecare voucher from Safety, Environment, Security and Continuity (SESC), please email tanya.cairns@stir.ac.uk to request a voucher and provide your University payroll number.  The voucher will provide an eyetest specific to display screen use, and a basic pair of glasses (if required) from a limited range of frame styles. If you prefer a more expensive frame style, the voucher will act as part payment towards this.

As these vouchers are pre-paid, please notify us if you do not require the voucher, so we can re-issue the voucher number to other staff members.