Protocol for uplifting abandoned bikes from campus

The university campus is easily travelled by bike and as such each new cohort of students arriving usually bring with them a bike or soon after arrival purchase one. These are invariably left behind for whatever reason when they graduate and so consequently the campus bike racks are over-populated with bikes which are abandoned, leaving no new space.


  • On identification of potentially abandoned bikes a request will be made to the Security Manager (who will liaise with the Active Travel Officer) from the service area requiring their removal. The request should note the date/times/location of the bikes and how they are to be identified. Security Manager will collate a spreadsheet of information which will be forwarded to the Police.
  • The bikes will be tagged with a notice advising that they will be removed within two weeks if they are not moved or claimed by the owner.
  • On expiry of this two-week period the bikes will be removed and held in storage.
  • At this point information on the bike removal will be passed to the local police by the Security Manager, times dates etc.
  • When the bikes are moved into storage, all the information on the make, model, serial number, and any identifying marks will be collated by the service area responsible for the removal. This information will be passed to the Police for their found property records by the Security Manager. Police email address –
  • The bikes will be stored at the University until the University receives notification from the Police that they can be disposed of. This will be not less than 2 months after the bikes were moved into storage.
  • Before the Police have provided such notification, the owner can recover the bike from the University.
  • The local bike recycle company will then be contacted by the responsible service area to remove the stored bikes from the campus. The bikes will have been retained at this point for a period not less than 6 months.

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