Display Screen Equipment

The University has an online system that provides basic information on how to set up and use your workstation and also how to carry out an assessment of your workstation. All staff using a computer are asked to complete the training and workstation assessment.

If, when carrying out the workstation assessment, you feel that there are problems with your desk, chair or peripheral equipment e.g. mouse, keyboard, wrist rest, that you are not able to resolve yourself, you should contact your School or Service area workstation assessor. If problems persist you can also contact Occupational Health (ext 7200 or occ-health@stir.ac.uk) to arrange for a more in-depth assessment of your workstation.

Occupational health may recommend changes to your workstation layout or the way in which you use it. In some cases, they may recommend changes to the equipment that you use e.g. mouse, keyboard, desk or chair so that the most appropriate equipment that meets your needs can be provided. Peripheral equipment, such as a mouse or keyboard, should be purchased from the Faculty or Service area budget (the Scottish Procurement IT peripherals CPA is provided by Misco). If the assessment indicates that you may benefit from specialised equipment such as an adjustable desk or orthopaedic chair, then you should contact SESC so that the exact specification of the equipment required can be agreed. The decision to purchase equipment will be based on a discussion between Occupational Health and SESC. If the requirements are confirmed, SESC will then provide the specification/model of the equipment required as well as the end user details to the Procurement Office and the purchase will be made.

Eyesight screening: The University has made arrangements to offer eyesight screening to all staff who use a computer at work. This is available by obtaining a voucher from SESC (tanya.cairns@stir.ac.uk) which can be used at a local optician (currently Specsavers). The voucher enables you to have a full eye and eyesight examination for work with computers and, if correction is required at that focal length, obtain a basic pair of glasses. The costs for the vouchers are met by the University. You can specify a more expensive frame and/or lens coatings but the cost for these additional items are met by you.

Training and Assessment

This training is an e-learning course. If you have already been sent an email with your username and password then you can continue your training in WorkRite. The system uses ' single sign on' so, once you have been registered on the system you will no longer have to remember a username and password to gain access.

If you have not yet received an email with your login details, please contact Tanya Cairns via email tanya.cairns@stir.ac.uk. Tanya will send you an email with your login details prompting you to start the training.

Logging into WorkRite

To log onto WorkRite, please only use the link via the main Portal page. Under the heading My Staff Life’ - ‘I want to…’ select the ‘Health & Safety Training (WorkRite)’ link.

Please note, only use this link to access your H&S training and please also note that you should not be asked for a password to log into WorkRite as we use the single sign on for this site and you may get locked out if attempting to use a password.

If you have any issues logging onto WorkRite, please do not hesitate to contact Tanya.