5 ways to wellbeing

1. Connect with others

Connecting with those around you is important to staying well – whether that’s friends, family or peers.  You can find new people to connect with every day in your life as a student. Through your course, accommodation, clubs and societies, sport, the chaplaincy and the wider university community.

You can also connect with others through our Be Connected programme, a calendar of events for all staff and students in the University of Stirling community.

Find out how to connect with us in Student Support Services.  We can help you get ready for university life, make valuable connections while you’re here, and maintain a happy and healthy mind-set – as well as helping you navigate through difficult times or experiences.    

2. Get active

Exercising, moving and getting outside all help you to feel good and change your mood. Whether it’s trying a new sport, taking a break to walk around the loch, going to the gym, swimming or doing a yoga class – getting active will make a massive difference to your wellbeing.

3. Learn something new

Coming to university is a great opportunity to embrace new experiences. When you first arrive learning new skills can really help with this transition time - such as cooking, managing your money and study skills.

It’s also a chance to try something completely different - and Stirling is the perfect place to do it. Whether you join one of the hundreds of clubs and societies, try a new sport, get creative, learn a language, try gardening or learn yoga – there are opportunities everywhere. Surprise yourself. 

4. Give

Giving your time, your words, your presence or your skills are some of the many ways to feel happier and more fulfilled. Whether it’s the small act of saying hello, smiling, thanking someone – or volunteering for a charity or to be a buddy to a new student, there are limitless ways to give back. 

5. Take notice

Being aware of the world around you, noticing the changing seasons, appreciating a cup of coffee or a chat with a friend, taking a deep breath, noticing how you are feeling, going to a meditation or yoga class are some of the ways you can take notice and be more mindful in your life, reduce stress and feel calmer and happier.