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Millions of visitors come to Scotland each year to explore its vibrant cities, historic landmarks and breathtaking scenery. Stirling’s central location means getting across Scotland couldn’t be easier – see why Scotland has been voted the world's most beautiful country and favourite destination (The Rough Guide 2019).

Glen Finan viaduct

"Who can deny that these wild beaches, deep lochs and craggy castles are some of the most wonderful and beautiful sights in the world?"

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Wherever your travels in Scotland lead you, there’s always something new to experience. As the home of golf and whisky, the birthplace of television, and a leader in renewable energy, Scotland has always been a hub of creativity and diversity. Whether you’re speeding down white-knuckle mountain bike trails or walking in the footsteps of pioneering authors and artists, you’ll find something worth writing home about around every corner.

Edinburgh and Glasgow

Scotland’s two biggest cities can both be reached in under an hour from Stirling, opening the door to countless new culinary, shopping and cultural possibilities. Find out why National Geographic included Glasgow on its 2016 Best of the World list, and why ticket sales for Edinburgh’s famous festival are third only to the Olympics and World Cup. From 12th Century castles to world-class concert arenas, Edinburgh and Glasgow have it all.

Highlands and Islands

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’, Stirling is an ideal starting point for your journey into Scotland’s legendary landscapes. Venture to the endless white beaches of the west coast, conquer the UK’s highest peaks, or soak in the beauty of more than 30,000 freshwater lochs. Beyond its cinematic panoramas, Scotland’s countryside and coastline is full of surprises, playing host to wild dolphins, architectural wonders and traces of ancient civilizations. What will you discover?


The Scots invented golf, curling and cycling, and have had a major impact on the development of rugby, hockey and football. From the 2016 Rio Olympic Games medal haul, to hosting the 2018 European Championships, Scotland is a haven for sporting success. With world-class facilities, strong community links and our great outdoors just waiting for you, why not take up a new sport or outdoor activity when you’re here.

Scottish food and drink

Scotland is renowned for its unique cuisine and internationally acclaimed whisky. The country boasts an incredible culinary tradition and has ten Michelin-starred restaurants. No Scottish experience is complete without a hearty serving of haggis, neeps and tatties, and many of the world’s top whisky distilleries are found in the local countryside and neighbouring Highlands. If you’re into food and drink, Scotland has plenty to offer.

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