Braw Blether Tables

During Mental Health Awareness 2022, the University was delighted to launch Braw Blethers tables. Situated in various areas of Campus Central, including the Atrium, these tables are designed to encourage our community to take some time out to have a ‘braw blether’ with a friend, or someone new! Just look out for the card on the table.

In Scots a “Braw Blether” translates into a “Fine; splendid chat or conversation”. Braw Blether tables are where staff and students can sit if they are happy to talk to others. The aim is to kickstart conversations, get people chatting and reduce loneliness along the way.

Where you can find the tables:

  • Scran
  • SUP
  • Nourish
  • Macrobert Café
  • Pathfoot Crush Hall
happy to chat bench

Braw blether bench

The Pathfoot Art Collection has installed a bench in the Pathfoot building. Again, the idea is that staff, students and visitors to the University can sit on the bench if they don’t mind someone stopping by to say hello. For people who feel isolated in their daily lives, such benches are an opportunity to make a connection with someone new.