LGBT+ student support contacts

The LGBT+ student support contacts service has been created to provide tailored support for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. It recognises that some students may have issues relating to their sexual and/or gender identity at University and may wish to speak to someone who may understand these issues better from their own experiences.

Who is in the network and how can they support you?

The network is made up of academic and professional support staff who identify as LGBT+. Like with Personal Tutors, the network members will offer sympathetic support and be able to signpost you to further support within the University and Students’ Union and elsewhere. If they feel they cannot support you they will ensure you get support from appropriate sources.

The network can:

  • Help you access LGBT+ specific support
  • Provide a welcoming, understanding person to speak to

The network cannot:

  • Offer befriending or mentoring support
  • Provide immediate crisis support

How do I access the network members?

To access the network please click the link below. You will then be asked to log in to the University website. The page lists the network members with short descriptions. Please select the network member you would feel most comfortable talking to and contact them using the contact details provided (usually email). They will then respond to arrange when and where to meet. Many network members do not have individual offices so might have to arrange to meet somewhere private that is convenient to you. The reply might be delayed if you contact them out of hours (evenings and weekends).

Will the meetings take place in private?

All meetings will take place in confidence at a place that you feel comfortable with. Information that you disclose will be confidential. There may be times when network members have to share confidential information, such as if you or someone else is at risk of harm, or if required to by law. If this happens then the reason for doing so will be clearly explained to you.

If you are in an immediate crisis situation please contact Student Support Services. If you need support out-of-hours there are also many other sources of support available.