University Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers

These are the our current University Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers. Find out how you can contact them.

Joanne McManus - Head of Accommodation Services

Joanne McManus - Director of Accommodation Services

I wanted to participate in the SVMLO training and join the SVMLO team to allow me to provide the best possible support I can to students, and staff, who have been affected by sexual violence. It is important that those affected by sexual violence know that we are here, we will listen to them and help them get the support they need.

Emily Fullwood, Student Counsellor and Mental Health Mentor

Emily Fullwood - Student Counsellor and Mental Health Mentor

I chose to become a SVMLO as I recognise the vital importance of providing a confidential and specialised reference point for anyone within the University who has been affected by sexual violence or misconduct, so as to give them information, choices and options.

Kelly Marriot - Student Hub Operations Manager

Kelly Marriot - Student Support Officer/SVMLO Coordinator

I felt it was important to be trained as an SVMLO so I am best able to support those who have been affected by sexual violence and misconduct, I feel it is important for us as an institution to reduce barriers to accessing support and reduce the stigma of talking about these issues.

Lynn Maher

Lynn Maher - Advocacy and Inclusion Development Coordinator, University of Stirling Students’ Union

My role is to provide confidential support, information and guidance to students on a wide range of issues. We can’t predict what students might be experiencing or what they may need and I feel it is important to be able to respond appropriately. The SVMLO training has ensured that I know how to respond appropriately to students who have experienced, or have been accused of, sexual misconduct. I can help them to understand their choices and access support and to ensure that they are treated fairly and with respect.

Sonia Wilson - Digital Resources Librarian

Sonia Wilson - Digital Resources Librarian

In order to expand on my Anti Bullying and Harassment role I undertook the SMVLO training. This has provided me with the knowledge and expertise to help support victims of sexual violence. I undertook the training because I believe that we all have a responsibility to make sure that the campus is a safe environment where the rights and values of the members of the University community are treated with dignity and respect. 


Jill Stevenson - Director of Student Support Services

I have been leading the University’s strategy to prevent and tackle sexual violence for over three years, and I am really passionate about ensuring that our university is a place where anyone affected by sexual or gender-based violence can feel comfortable to come forward, report it and access support, safe in the knowledge that they will be believed. Being trained as an SVMLO has also helped me to understand what more we can do as a university to work with our partners to strengthen the support framework for students and staff.

jennifer paton

Jennifer Paton - Head of HR Partnering

Working in HR, it was important for me to participate in the SVMLO training and to join the SVMLO team as I am committed to the University’s strategy for preventing sexual violence and misconduct. I want to ensure that staff and students affected by sexual violence and misconduct receive the best support possible and are provided with information on their options. I want anyone affected by sexual violence to know that we will help them get the support they need.

Lisa Watterson

Lisa Watterson – Student Hub Supervisor

I felt it was important to become an SVMLO as I recognise the importance of this role. I am passionate about being able to offer support and guidance to anyone who has been affected by sexual violence or misconduct and to make them feel heard and supported.

jacqui lenaghen

Jacqui Lenaghen – Head of Accessibility and Inclusion

It is fantastic that the University has a strategy for tackling sexual and gender based violence and offers a safe platform to come forward and report incidents. I joined the SVMLO team to support this strategy. Having taken part in the training, I am pleased to be able to increase the support provision by offering information, guidance and choices to all those in the University community who have been affected by these issues.

Danyl Speirs

Danyl Speirs – Information Support Assistant

As a Mental Health First Aider and vocally out member of staff, I felt becoming an SVMLO was a natural progression to my role in the Library Team and as a member of the LGBTQ+ Support Netwerq+. It is important to have queer representation available in services like this, so I wanted training to be that for any student in the LGBTQ+ community, especially nonbinary and trans students. In a time where trans voices and rights are often silenced or ignored, I feel it is more important than ever to be visible and ensure they are treated with respect, dignity and empathy. I am nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them.

Peter Matthews

Peter Matthews - Senior Lecturer

I wanted to become an SVMLO to ensure that academic staff at the University were fully participating in supporting people affected by sexual violence and misconduct, and as a gay man, because I was aware of the differing circumstances of the diverse student and staff community on campus.

Jenni Glen

Jenni Glen - Student Advocacy Caseworker

The SVMLO training has provided me with the knowledge to respond to members of the University community who have experienced sexual misconduct or gender based violence. I consider the role to be one that ensures everyone is listened to, treated with respect and has access to appropriate support and information. I believe that the role of SVMLO can support, empower and help the individual to make the right choices for them and can help to reduce the impact of what they have experienced. These things are important to me and it is a privilege to be an SVMLO.