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I have been affected by sexual or gender based violence

What to do in an emergency

If you're off campus, call 999 to reach any of the emergency services.

If you're on campus, call the Security Team any time, 24/7 on extension 2222 (on an internal phone) or 01786 467999 to request the Police.

If you need an ambulance, dial 999 directly to speak to a call handler. Then call the Security Team on extension 2222 or 01786 467999 to let them know that an ambulance will be arriving.

We know it can be incredibly difficult to disclose if you have been raped, sexually assaulted, harassed or abused. We understand there are many barriers and that you will be experiencing difficult feelings, some of which may be worries about how you will be treated if you do make a disclosure. This is a distressing time for you, and it is of the utmost importance to us that we don’t make it any more difficult. We encourage you to come forward safe in the knowledge that you will be believed, respected and supported.

How you can be affected

People who have experienced rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment can be affected in many ways and are likely to experience a range of upsetting and painful feelings. The effects can be very varied and include anger, distress, numbness, crying, insomnia, flashbacks, inability to concentrate, and withdrawal from friends and family. All of these reactions are completely normal, and it is ok to feel like this.

We're here to help you

If a student, member of staff or visitor to our campus has experienced sexual or gender based violence - in any form, from online abuse to stalking to rape - we’re here to help. Here we explain how we will respond and support you if you have been affected or wish to make a disclosure. We'll also go through the steps you can take during an emergency or crisis situation.

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