Outdoor Education placements

If you have a specific business challenge that you don’t have the time or resource to tackle, hosting a Stirling student for a placement may offer the perfect solution.

Read on for more information about how student placements can benefit your business, or contact us to ask a question

student taking water sample at river

Student placements and projects

Our students are looking for work experience related to their studies throughout the year. By welcoming a Stirling student into your business, you’ll be gaining a valuable asset to help you tackle a specific project or need, as well as building relationships with the next generation of leaders.

What skills can our Outdoor Education students offer your business?

Outdoor education students offer a range of skills and knowledge exchange in the following areas: 

  • Designing, leading and reviewing outdoor classes.
  • Teaching and managing groups (e.g. primary/secondary schools, volunteers).
  • Understanding and explaining processes in the local environment.
  • Competence and confidence in a range of outdoor activities (e.g. hill walking, mountaineering, kayaking/canoeing and rock climbing).

Examples of previous projects

  • Team leader in the Scouts.
  • Assistant park ranger on nature reserves.
  • Assistant instructor at an outdoor education/adventure centre.

When do students go on placement?

This module runs over the summer with students deciding their work placement in spring by liaising directly with an organisation. Students undertake a minimum of 75 hours volunteering over three weeks (normally spread over several weeks with students volunteering for one full day per week).

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