Student project group


Could you benefit from having an ambitious and motivated student working with your organisation for a specific project? Would you like extra resource to develop your business ideas? If so, you could work with our students on a short-term project basis and support their career development.

Collaborative Projects for masters students

Our Making the Most of Masters Programme arranges collaborative projects between organisations, the University of Stirling and Masters students. Our Masters students can work with you on high quality consultancy and research projects during their summer vacation. All projects are overseen by one of our leading academic practitioners. 

This is a perfect opportunity for you to benefit from the knowledge and skills of our students on a business opportunity or issue you’re facing. It’s also a cost effective resource, as the Making the Most of Masters project forms part of our students’ degree assessment, meaning they don’t require payment.

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Student Work Experience Modules

Are you a local business looking for a fresh perspective? The University of Stirling gives students the opportunity to undertake a practical short-term placement with local organisations, through a number of assessed work experience modules. Normally covering 30 hours of work time, these placements benefit both you as an employer and our students. At present, these modules are offered to psychology, sport, law, journalism and social work students. 

Our students can be a valuable extra resource for your business. They can gain excellent on-the-job experience and you’ll benefit from their enthusiasm, skills and new ideas. 

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International Summer School placements

An important part of our International Summer School is the four week placement module we offer with local organisations. You could help our overseas students by giving them valuable work experience, developing their confidence and networking skills. They’ll help you with a specific project that benefits your business, for example past projects have included marketing and communications or website development.

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The University of Stirling makes no charge to facilitate these project opportunities; however should you wish to pay the student, we are only too happy to advise on appropriate rates. We do ask that any expenses incurred by our students are covered.

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