Management consultancy projects

  • Do you have lots of ‘if only I had the time’ projects that you wish to progress?
  • Would you benefit from a fresh perspective on an existing challenge/issue?
  • Do you need evidence to inform future business decisions, or support funding opportunities?

If any of these statements align with your strategic aspirations, then a consultancy project with either an individual or group of University of Stirling Management School students could be the answer. We welcome project proposals from businesses of all shapes and sizes, from micro-businesses, charities and social enterprises to multinational corporations and government organisations. The types of projects being sought are detailed below under specific themes, and you can also view some case studies from previous projects.

Benefits to your organisation

Over the years, our students have had a significant impact upon the client organisations that they have worked with. By engaging with our students through applied consultancy projects, you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated additional resource to help you progress a project or initiative: perhaps something that your business needs but lacks capacity to carry out.
  • High quality work and research, tailored to the issues that are most important to your business.
  • Detailed recommendations to support your future strategic decisions.
  • A fresh perspective from our diverse global and multicultural students.

How it works

Students from the Stirling Management School can contribute a vast range of skills and knowledge to suit many different projects and working environments. Students are available from a number of different degrees to undertake collaborative projects with businesses to the benefit of all parties.

External businesses submit proposals to suit their needs and if accepted, students are recruited by academic staff so that the most appropriate degree programmes and students are selected. As these projects are part of the students’ coursework, no employment costs are required and only reasonable travel, subsistence and project payments are requested if these are required. Projects are done at different times throughout the year although most take place from late May/June to August with project proposals typically required by the end of February.

As well as the needs of the external provider, projects should meet the academic requirements and deadlines of the degree course. The student will have a university supervisor and an organisation mentor is also required. The organisation mentor will oversee the day-to-day project supervision, workplace induction (if student based onsite) and be able to discuss the student’s progress and performance with the university supervisor.  These, and other matters are considered in the University of Stirling Work Placement and Project Policy and will be adopted, to ensure best practice and desired outcomes are achieved. Throughout the process, external businesses are guided and informed of the timelines and requirements for each specific project. 

Types of projects available

Consultancy project work is undertaken by undergraduate, Masters level and MBA students. The nature of project work on offer varies at different times of year, however below you will find an overview of some of the areas in which our students could support your organisation. If you'd like Stirling students to join your business for a specific project, you can fill in our project proposal form or make an email enquiry by emailing us at

Submit a project proposal

Strategy/Business growth

  • Explore business growth strategy options and/or alternative business models
  • Analysis of potential return on investment from identified options
  • Feasibility study – exploring the business potential for new product or service ideas.
  • Exploring how to adapt to changes in business environments


  • Identifying strategic opportunity for sustainable business
  • Identifying potential enablers and/or barriers to change
  • Analysing the sustainability of organisational processes


  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Launching a new product/service/range
  • Targeting new segments or accessing (or adapting) new channels including social media
  • Penetration of new (or diversification of existing) markets, including the identification of potential client base
  • Conducting either a brand, competitor, or social media audit

Business Analytics and Data Science for Business

  • Undertaking a data audit
  • Assessment and development of data collection processes and systems
  • Analysis and interpretation of large data sets
  • Development and usage of data visualisation
  • Modelling of data to aid future decision-making
  • Using data analytics to monitor and optimise marketing performance

Behavioural Science

  • Use of behavioural science techniques (nudging) to change behaviours or improve levels of engagement
  • Research to better understand behaviours of consumers and/or stakeholders
  • Analysis of the success of previous interventions e.g., messaging of campaigns


  • Understand the nature of technology management
  • The strategy of technology selection
  • Macro- and micro-levels decision making in selecting technologies
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Studying the concepts of risks inherent in the scheme


  • Review of existing operations, tools, and planning (including use of technology)
  • Analysis of logistics/supply chain processes

Human Resources

  • Benchmarking exercise to identify best practices for HR policies, procedures, and training mechanisms
  • Development of a competency framework


  • Top-level financial strategy reviews
  • Benchmarking and best practice analysis

Submit your project proposal

We welcome project proposals from businesses, charities etc. Preferably these should be submitted at least one month before the project start date, except for projects commencing in June which need to be submitted by March to allow for initial matching of suitable students.

Case studies

“We have always found the level of technical knowledge and eagerness has been great and the team of academics are skilled at matching exactly what you want with the students presented for review. The impact some of these students have made on Labels4Kids journey has been fantastic.”

Ann-Maree Morrison, Owner, Labels4Kids

“Both projects delivered a scale of information which was not readily practical for the companies to secure and a questioning insight into the strategic approach being adopted by the companies.”

Stephen Westwood, Consultant, Trainer and Author

"The project undertaken by the student was a valuable piece of work that Mobalpa UK as a small Franchise would never have had the resource, time or funds to achieve on its own.”

Dennis Evans, Managing Director, Mobalpa UK Ltd

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