Finding a job

Visit TARGETconnect, our careers management and online vacancy service, which allows you as a student or graduate to find out everything our Careers and Employability Service has to offer.

Simply log in and personalise your profile so you can: 

  • Search for job opportunities and employers
  • Book Quick Query appointments with a Careers and Employability Consultant 
  • Find out about employer events
  • Book workshops and presentations
  • Discover work experience opportunities and the Stirling Internship Programme.

Graduate jobs

There are many ways to find graduate level jobs. In addition to using TARGETconnect, being proactive and speculatively applying for jobs can be successful. There are also online resources that can help you explore which graduate role might suit you, such as TARGETjobs and Prospects.

Online networking and meeting employers at careers fairs can be a great way to develop your contacts and discover any 'hidden jobs'. Find out more about networking along with setting up a LinkedIn profile.

We can help with CV and application advice when you’re applying for jobs.

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Part-time work

You can also use TARGETconnect to search for temporary, part-time and vacation work. It covers a variety of vacancies, including bar work, childcare, retail, administration, data collection, hotel work and much more. To receive emails about new jobs login to TARGETconnect and select the option to receive email alerts.

For local jobs, websites such as Indeed and S1jobs can also be useful.

Internships and volunteering

See what our Stirling Internship Programme has to offer – with local Scottish paid internship opportunities available. We also have international and national internship vacancies advertised on TARGETconnect.

These resources can be a useful starting point if you’re a student or a graduate:

Get more information about finding an internship.

Volunteering can be an ideal way to try-out your ideal career, before looking for a paid job. Discover more information on volunteering.

Working abroad

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have global experience and can demonstrate intercultural awareness. As a University of Stirling student or graduate there are many opportunities open to you, whether you wish to study, work, teach or volunteer abroad. Working or studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that broadens your horizons.

We offer global career opportunities on TARGETconnect, where you can set up email alerts.

Things to consider before working abroad include:

  • What country(ies) are you considering?
  • Are you only interested in paid work or open to volunteering?
  • Is this a short term or long term plan?
  • What visa requirements are there?
  • What sort of work is available?
  • Are there any language barriers?
  • If you intend to return home, how do you plan to sell your experience abroad to future employers?

At Stirling we have access to a brilliant resource called GoinGlobal that will make this process a lot more straight forward. This web site allows you to research working in over 30 different countries and includes job search tools, industry information, employment trends, visa and work permit regulations, salary data and cost of living.

It also gives you advice on making applications including CV guidelines and cultural advice for interviewing.

You can access GoinGlobal for free while on our campus. However if your location means that’s not possible, get in touch via the Student Hub and we can arrange for you to have a link to the website.

It may be easier to find a job when you're actually in the country, so consider doing research trips before you move permanently.

Other resources to explore include:

Contact the Careers and Employability Service

You can contact us via TARGETconnect.

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