Financial Technology (FinTech) projects

If you have a specific business challenge that you don’t have the time or resource to tackle, hosting a Stirling student for a placement may offer the perfect solution.

Read on for more information about how student placements can benefit your business, or contact us to ask a question. 

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Student placements and projects

Our students are looking for work experience related to their studies throughout the year. By welcoming a Stirling student into your business, you’ll be gaining a valuable asset to help you tackle a specific project or need, as well as building relationships with the next generation of leaders.

What skills can our FinTech students offer your business?

MSc Financial Technology (Fintech) provides students with a clear and multidisciplinary expertise in the Fintech sector. Our MSc is grounded on a solid foundation in computing, financial theory, ethical and regulatory aspects, business skills, and novel technologies including blockchains, financial mobile applications, cryptocurrencies.

Distinguishably, our MSc in Fintech is rooted in a computing department, and run in collaboration with experts in data science, finance and economics. This gives our students a rather comprehensive background. In their projects, our students can analyse proof of concept new business models, develop demonstrator prototypes and extract usable knowledge from significant datasets.

Projects are discussed with university staff and students develop their project under the co-supervision of the company and their academic tutors. Further and more comprehensive  collaborations can spawn from internships, as well as more long-term professional relations between the company and the student.

Examples of previous projects

Previous projects and topics undertaken by our FinTech students include:

  • A Time Series Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain Technology: Missing Piece to Achieving Optimum Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
  • Creation of a demonstrator application to secure and validate qualifications using distributed ledger technology (blockchain)
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Assistant
  • Improving the trust and self-executingin P2P lending platform using Blockchain technology and smart contract
  • Secure App Authorisation for Open Banking APIs Using OAuth

When do students undertake their project?

Students generally undertake their projects from May—September or July—January (depending on their course start date). Our students are looking for project opportunities throughout the year, so project scopes from employers should be submitted as far in advance of the project start date as possible to guarantee a swift start of the project. 

Projects can be discussed with staff in advance, typically by contacting the program director or by direct connections with members of the university or students themselves. Early contacts will allow the project to be properly scoped and requirements and timeline discussed, considering both company's objectives and academic requirements. Then projects can be advertised for the selection, if needed, of a suitable student. Within their project, students will produce a dissertation for their MSc programme. Special requirements, e.g. IP protection or a project's specific constraints, will be considered.  

Submit a project proposal

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Get in touch

If you have any questions please contact Dr Andrea Bracciali, MSc FinTech course director.