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Careers for researchers

We’re committed to supporting the career development of our PhD students and post-doctoral research staff at The University of Stirling. You can access our careers advice for researchers, whether you’re thinking of continuing your academic career or considering a career outside of academia.

We offer:

Academic careers for researchers

A PhD is often a minimum requirement for many academic careers and higher education can be highly competitive. Entering academia is not the only option and you need to think carefully about your motivations and determination to succeed. However, if you’ve decided academia is the right career for you, you may consider taking a research post or Postdoctoral research position within a university.

To find academic research posts in the UK, can be a useful resource which covers all higher education establishments.

Careers for researchers outside of academia

You may not want to pursue a career in academia and there are other options you can consider. You’ll have built up a range of transferable skills during your research course including problem solving, interpersonal skills and project management.

  • So, how do you go about transferring these skills into a tangible career option? Start by taking a step back and think about:
  • What do I want? Your values and motivations.
  • What can I do? Your skills and strengths.
  • What is available? Type of work, lifestyle, employers, roles.
  • Think about what experience you have and how you can build up more experience in the area, through job shadowing for example.

Not sure which career route to take?

It’s a good idea to start exploring your career options as early as possible. Here are useful resources to get started: 

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