Artificial Intelligence projects

If you have a specific business challenge that you don’t have the time or resource to tackle, hosting a Stirling student for a placement may offer the perfect solution.

Read on for more information about how student placements can benefit your business, or contact us to ask a question. 

Male and female students studying in a classroom

Student placements and projects

Our students are looking for work experience related to their studies throughout the year. By welcoming a Stirling student into your business, you’ll be gaining a valuable asset to help you tackle a specific project or need, as well as building relationships with the next generation of leaders.

What skills can our Artificial Intelligence students offer your business?

Our Artificial Intelligence students have varied backgrounds – some have only recently graduated from their first degree and some are returning to education having already been in work. They study programming, data analytics, computer vision and natural language processing, maths and statistics. They can code in Python.

Examples of previous projects

Previous projects and topics undertaken by our Artificial Intelligence students include:

  • Towards Faster, Greener AI
  • Who is driving the narratives about AI?
  • Life evolution prediction and financial planning with AI
  • Image Auto-Captioning using Machine Learning

When do students undertake their project?

Artificial Intelligence students are generally available for projects from June - September. Our students start looking for project opportunities early in the year, so project scopes from employers should be submitted as early in the year as possible. 

Submit a project proposal

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