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Apply for one of our postgraduate courses by selecting from the list below or navigate using the following subject areas.

Accounting, Finance, Banking and Economics


Business and Management

Communications, Media and Culture

Computing and Data Science


Environmental Sciences

Health Sciences

History and Politics

Law and Philosophy

Literature and Languages


Social Sciences


  • MSc Banking and Finance (TDX44-BFI)
  • MSc Behavioural Decision Making for Finance (TDX44-DMF)
  • MSc Economics for Business and Policy (TDX44-EBP)
  • MSc Finance (TDX44-FIN)
  • MSc Finance and Data Analytics (TDX44-FINDA)
  • MSc Finance and Economics (TDX44-FINECN)
  • MSc Finance and Risk Management (TDX44-FINRM)
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance (TDX44-IAF)
  • MSc Investment Analysis (TDX44-INV)
  • MSc Aquatic Pathobiology (TDX44-AQP)
  • MSc Aquatic Veterinary Studies (TDX44-AVS)
  • MSc Sustainable Aquaculture (TDX44-AQU)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (TDX41-BUA)
  • Master of Research in Business and Management (TDX47-BMR)
  • MSc Behavioural Science for Management (TDX44-BHS)
  • (TDX44-BA)
  • MSc Business and Management (TDX44-BSM)
  • MSc Data Science (TDX44-DSB)
  • MSc Data Science for Business (Online) (TDO44-DSB)
  • MSc Human Resource Management (TDX44-HRM)
  • MSc International Business (TDX44-IBU)
  • MSc Marketing (TDX44-MKT)
  • MSc Strategic Sustainable Business (TDX44-SSB)
  • MSc Digital Media and Society (TDX44-DMS)
  • MSc Factual Television (TDX44-FT)
  • MLitt Gender Studies (Applied) (TDX43-GND)
  • MSc Gender Studies (Applied) (TDX44-GND)
  • MRes Humanities (TDX47-HUM)
  • MSc International Journalism (TDX44-INJ)
  • MSc Media Management (TDX44-MMA)
  • MRes Media Research (TDX47-MER)
  • MSc Strategic Communication and Public Relations (Joint Degree PFU Barcelona) (TDX44-SCP)
  • MSc Strategic Public Relations (Online) (TDO44-SPO)
  • MSc Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management (TDX44-SPR)
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence (TDX44-AI)
  • MSc Big Data (TDX44-BIG)
  • MSc Mathematics and Data Science (TDX44-MDS)
  • MSc Financial Technology (FinTech) (TDX44-FNT)
  • MSc Education Studies and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (TDX44-EDT)
  • MSc Educational Leadership (Specialist Qualification for Headship) (TDX44-ELQ)
  • MRes Educational Research (TDX47-EDU)
  • MSc Management and English Language Teaching (TDX44-MEL)
  • MSc Professional Education and Leadership (TDX44-PED)
  • MSc Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (TDX44-TES)
  • MSc Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (Online) (TDO44-TSL)
  • MSc Environmental Management (TDX44-ENM)
  • MSc Environmental Management (Conservation) (TDX44-ENM)
  • MSc Environmental Management (Energy) (TDX44-ENM)
  • MSc Earth and Planetary Observation (TDX44-EPO)
  • MSc Advancing Practice (TDO44-AVP)
  • MSc Global Issues in Gerontology and Ageing (Online) (TDO44-GGA)
  • MRes Health Research (Online) (TDO47-HLT)
  • MPH Public Health (Online) (TDX40-MPH)
  • MRes Historical Research (TDX47-HTR)
  • MSc International Conflict and Cooperation (TDX44-ICC)
  • MPP Public Policy (TDX40-PUP)
  • MSc Heritage (TDX44-HER)
  • MSc Human Rights and Diplomacy (TDX44-HUMDIP)
  • LLM International Energy and Environmental Law (TDX50-IEEL)
  • MLitt Creative Writing (TDX43-CRW)
  • MSc English Language and Linguistics (TDX44-LIN)
  • MLitt Publishing Studies (TDX43-PUB)
  • MRes Publishing Studies (TDX47-PUB)
  • MLitt Scottish Literature (Creative Writing) (TDX43-SLTCRW)
  • MLitt Scottish Literature (TDX43-SLT)
  • MLitt The Gothic Imagination (TDX43-GOI)
  • MSc Translation Studies with TESOL (TDX44-TRNTSL)
  • MSc Translation Studies (TDX44-TRNCOI)
  • MSc Health Psychology (TDX44-HPS)
  • MSc Health Psychology (Discontinuous Study) (TDX44-HPD)
  • MA Human Animal Interaction (TDX52-HAI)
  • MSc Human Animal Interaction (TDX44-HAI)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (General) (TDX44-PRMGEN)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Autism Research) (TDX44-PRMARE)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Bilingualism) (TDX44-PRMBIL)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Child Development) (TDX44-PRMCDD)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Cognition and Neuropsychology) (TDX44-PRMCON)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Evolutionary Psychology) (TDX44-PRMEPS)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Perception and Action) (TDX44-PRMPAA)
  • MSc Psychological Research Methods (Psychology of Faces) (TDX44-PRMPOF)
  • MSc Psychology (accredited conversion course) (TDX44-PSY)
  • Professional Doctorate Health Psychology (DDX70-HPS)
  • MSc Applied Professional Studies (TDX44-APP)
  • MSc Applied Social Research (TDX44-ASR)
  • MSc Social Statistics and Social Research (TDX44-ASRSSR)
  • MSc Criminological Research (TDX44-CRMR)
  • MSc Criminology (TDX44-CRM)
  • Postgraduate Diploma Dementia Studies (TDO45-DEM)
  • Postgraduate Diploma Housing Studies (TDO45PHOU)
  • MSc Dissertation Housing Studies (TDO44-HOU)
  • MSc Housing Studies (with internship) (TDO45-HOUINT)
  • MSc Social Enterprise (TDX44-SEP)
  • (TDX44-SWK)
  • MSc Substance Use (TDX44-SU)
  • MSc Performance Coaching (TDO44-PFC)
  • MSc Psychology of Sport (Accredited) (TDX44-PSA)
  • MSc Sport Management (TDX44-SPM)
  • MSc Sport Nutrition (IOC Diploma) (TDX44-SPN)
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