Sickness and absence

Notification of absence

  • You should let your manager (or agreed alternative, e.g. Faculty Office) know if you are ill and unable to come to work on the first day of absence.

  • Where possible this should be within one hour of your normal starting time.

  • Sufficient details should be given on the telephone regarding the nature of the illness or injury to give some indication as to when a return to work is expected.

  • It is also important for employees to keep in regular contact with their Managers thereafter if the absence is for more than one day.

  • You should ensure that you are aware of and follow any reporting procedures your department has in place.

Fit notes and proof of absence

  • If the period of absence is between 0.5 - 7 calendar days, you should complete the combined self-certification (see section below) on your return to work.

  • If the absence is for more than 7 calendar days (inclusive of Saturdays and Sundays), then in addition to the self-certification form, you must provide a ‘fit note’ (previously called a ‘sick note’) from your Doctor.

Pay during sickness absence

  • Payment during sickness absence is as detailed within your terms and conditions of service (Grades 1-5 entitlement is based upon your length of service). 

  • You will be given Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for 28 weeks depending on your weekly earnings.

  • SSP is included when you are paid your full salary. When you receive half pay, SSP will be paid on top.

  • If your pay is due to change, e.g. reducing to half pay, then you will receive notification in writing

  • It should be noted that when calculating periods of full pay and half pay, any sickness absences in the preceding 12 month period are taken into consideration.

Returning to work

  • When you return to work you should have a return to work meeting with your manager.

  • This allows opportunity to discuss the absence and any work updates required.

  • If you have been on long term absence it may be recommended that you return to work on a phased basis, which would be arranged in consultation with you line manager and OH.

  • Return to work self-certification