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Miss Jade Hooper

Research Assistant

Social Work 3T37 RG Bomont Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Miss Jade Hooper

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About me

I am a Research Assistant and PhD candidate based in the Faculty of Social Science. I am a member of The Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection and the Social Surveys and Social Statistics research group at the University of Stirling and have experience and training in quantitative research and methodologies and the handling of sensitive administrative data.  As a Research Assistant, I have recently worked on a large, four-nation Nuffield Foundation funded project investigating child welfare inequalities, using data from the Looked after Children and Child Protection returns in Scotland (  Currently, I am part of a team from the University of Stirling and the Universities of York and Lancaster looking at permanence, progress and outcomes for children in Scotland 'looked after' away from their birth parents before the age of five ( For my ESRC funded postgraduate research I am investigating social and locality variations in dog bites in Scotland.

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