Data Science and Intelligent Systems Research Group

We are a group of inter-disciplinary scientists exploring, developing, and applying brain-inspired computational techniques, search and optimisation methodologies, evolutionary computation and signal processing to a wide range of real-world, data-driven problems.

Application areas include assistive living, health and social care, financial technologies (FinTech), process and resource scheduling, environmental systems, sports and clinical sciences.

In all applications, we address associated challenges of safeguarding anonymity, and preserving privacy, trust and security.

Specialist areas

  • Analysis and visualisation of fitness landscapes (
  • Computational vision and image processing (SVIP group)
  • Social network analysis (Being Connected group)
  • Contextual learning in humans and machines (CONTEXT group)
  • Similarity assessment in ultra-large-scale data sets
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Trustworthy systems

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Professor Gabriela Ochoa

Computing Science and Mathematics
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