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Computing Science and Mathematics research

Our research focusses on developing and applying computer science, data science and mathematical techniques to solve real-world, data-driven problems in life sciences, health and social sciences, management and finance.

We are strongly engaged with the wider research community and closely collaborate with other universities, industry, commerce, and the public sectors across the UK, Europe and the world. We work with a wide and diverse network of international research partnerships and our recent collaborations include KLM, BT, NHS, Cefas, Fera, Forest Research, SRUC and Health Protection Scotland.

We belong to the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), an initiative to foster research and knowledge exchange. We also work closely with the Data Lab and CENSIS Scottish Innovation Centres.

We actively contribute to the University-wide research themes and programmes and lead on three of them:

  • Being Connected
  • Contextual learning and processing in humans and machines
  • Global food security

Our areas of research

  • Computational heuristics
  • Computational neurosciences
  • Neuroinformatics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Clinical decisions support systems
  • Speech and language processing
  • Process algebra
  • Computational intelligence and machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Cognitive computation
  • Modelling
  • Symbolic computation
  • Differential equations
  • Multi-objective and constrained optimisation

What we offer research students

We welcome PhD students into a stimulating research environment which delivers high quality theses.

Guidance is provided by supervisors as well as the Stirling Graduate School. Supportive yet formal progress monitoring is made through meetings and regular reports. Our PhD students are active attendees in our research seminar programme, and they participate in the annual PhD student conference. Students are encouraged to publish from the second year of their programme.

Infrastructure and Facilities

We operate a computing service with two computing staff and one non-computing technician, to give all researchers strong technical support.

Two computer clusters are used purely for research, providing a total of 104 cores. In addition, our teaching laboratories can offer up to 350 cores. Further capability is provided through access to the ArchieWest system (Strathclyde).

We have three special-purpose laboratories specifically for research projects. The first houses an audio lab, with robotics equipment and includes a communications systems lab. The second provides a realistic small residential environment for Home Care and Healthcare projects. Our third provides high performance equipment for pursuing computationally intensive heuristics research.

Library and IT support include a dedicated science-librarian on information-seeking tools.

Research Collaborations

The division is strongly engaged with a wider research community. Close collaborations with universities, industry, commerce, and the public sector are important to us. Our research portfolio is almost entirely interdisciplinary, involving strong collaborations with other subjects. The division has a wide and diverse network of collaborations across the UK, Europe and the world.

Supporting a vibrant postgraduate community

We have a successful community of PhD researchers and doctoral students. Study with us and you'll join a community of natural scientists. The Institute for Advanced Studies will support you in carrying out your research.

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