Biological Modelling Research Group

The Biological Modelling Research Group develops innovative inter-disciplinary computational and mathematical modelling approaches to high impact real-world problems and to deepen our understanding of the environment in which we live.

We use mathematical and computational techniques to describe biological and socio-economic processes, to predict their course, and to design ways to control them. We develop novel techniques that assist us in these tasks. 

Techniques we develop

  • Structured populations models
  • Deterministic / ODE models
  • Stochastic and simulation models
  • Network theory
  • Agent-based models and games
  • Process algebra models of networks
  • Parameter estimation
  • Big data analysis and computation
  • Model formulation, identification checking
  • Bio-economic models (optimal control)
  • Optimisation techniques
  • Game theory

Contact Biological Modelling Research Group Leaders


Dr Anthony O'Hare

Computing Science and Mathematics