Child amused by toy parrot during psychology research assessment

Psychology research

Psychology is recognised for its high-quality world-leading research. In the most recent national assessment of research (2014 REF) we scored top in the UK for research Impact, with 97% of our research outputs internationally recognized, world leading or internationally excellent.

From the neuropsychology of perception and action to influences of smell on mate choice, we have a diverse range of research interests. Our staff are highly collaborative, and have extensive international networks. Many of our academic staff and students conduct interdisciplinary research while working closely with public services and industry.

We utilise a broad range of facilities, allowing us to use and develop a variety of research methods that can be applied to different research populations. Our Psychology Kindergarten provides an excellent research and teaching resource for studying child development.

Our research is organised in three research groups: Cognition in Complex Environments, Behaviour & Evolution and Health and Behaviour Change. We also work with a number of inter-disciplinary research programmes across the University. We have a collegiate working environment that provides excellent support and mentoring to early career researchers.

Our research areas

  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal intelligence
  • Animal social learning
  • Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience
  • Mobile cognition
  • Developmental psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Face research
  • Evolution of perception and behaviour
  • Social psychology
  • Human-animal interactions

Psychology research groups

Behaviour and Evolution Research Group

We use evolutionary principles to guide our research on behaviour, welfare communication and cognition in a wide range of species

Health and Behaviour Change

We are a thriving, internationally recognised health psychology research group in Psychology. Our mission is to develop and apply psychological theory and methods to health and social behaviours.

Cognition in Complex Environments

The group combines researchers in the areas of cognition, perception and development. Our aim is to understand mind and brain, through the study of neuro-typical humans, atypical populations and animal models.

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