Biological and Environmental Sciences research

Our research positions us as a leading institution in the area of environmental protection and biological conservation.

We explore the processes driving the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity, from the molecular to the ecosystem level. We look at how environments and ecosystems have changed over time to predict and mitigate the future impacts of climate change.

Find out more about our research in Biological and Environmental Sciences. You can also find out more about our International Environment Centre - a £22m investment to create a research policy hub for incubating environmental practice within business.

Our research areas

Evolving Organisms Research Group

Exploring the interface of evolution and ecological diversity.

Quaternary Science and Landscape Change Research Group

Researching the changing relationships between people and their environments.

Environmental Biogeochemistry Research Group

Addressing the planetary life support systems upon which we all depend.

Earth and Planetary Observation Sciences Research Group

Where ecosystem technology and data deliver solutions to environmental challenges.

Ecosystem Change Research Group

Researching change in ecosystems for the benefit of nature and people.

Healthy Environments: Sustainable Societies Research Group

Understanding resource inequality and managing sustainability.

PhD opportunities in Biological and Environmental Sciences

We offer a vibrant, supportive environment for postgraduate researchers in Biological and Environmental Sciences. Take a closer look at the subject areas we offer PhD supervision in and find out how to apply.

Read more about how to apply and see entry requirements What's the difference between a PhD and an MPhil?

Research Spotlights

River Thames, London
Research Spotlight

Saving Europe's freshwaters

Find out how our research has been critical to implementing major new policies to repair tens of thousands of water bodies across Europe.

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