Aquaculture research projects

As a global leader in aquaculture research, the Institute of Aquaculture engages in research initiatives which have a high impact factor not only in the United Kingdom, but also around the world. Our staff members have been executing research projects with our international partners to better the local community and add to the global creation of knowledge. Below you will find information about our international research projects and activities.

Darwin Oysters

This three year Darwin funded project is working with selected communities around the Sherbro River Estuary in Southern Province, Sierra Leone to offer alternative sustainable income earning opportunities for local women in mangrove oyster cultivation and sales.


Farmers are increasingly dependent on a proliferating range of prophylactic products (including pre and probiotics), often of uncertain provenance and efficacy. Furthermore, the emergent markets for these products lack appropriate regulatory frameworks and the economic burden of unjustified claims is likely to fall most heavily on small-holders. 

Metric For Aquaculture Nutritional Impact for Girls

The aim of the project is to develop an integrated metric for the impact of access to aquatic foods on health and nutrition – the Aquatic Food for Health and Nutrition (AQN) that will inform better, more integrated policy and practice in the development of farmed aquatic systems.


PEDIGREE (2019-2020) is a one year ‘research into use’ project funded under the BBSRC International Flexible Interchange Programme (I-FLIP). PEDIGREE builds on findings of an earlier project IMAQulate (2015-2019).