Postcolonial Studies people

Staff members connected to the Postcolonial Studies research group.

Monalisa Adhikari

Dr Monalisa Adhikari

Lecturer in International Politics

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Isobel Anderson

Prof. Isobel Anderson

Chair in Housing Studies

Professor Isobel Anderson is Chair in Housing Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling, where she has worked since 1994. Isobel currently leads the Home, Housing and Community Research Programme and is a Programme Director for the MSc/Diploma in Housing Studies. She has previously held a range of research and teaching leadership roles at Stirling.

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soon yong ang

Soon Yong Ang

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Soon Yong Ang is a lecturer in Accounting. His current research is related to NGO accountability on river care programme in postcolonial Malaysia. It is mostly related to SDG 6 and focuses on empowering and participating approach to sustainability. 

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Vanicka Arora

Ms Vanicka Arora

Lecturer in Heritage

I am a Lecturer in Heritage at Stirling and my research interests are at the intersections of theories that draw from heritage, disaster, South Asian studies, and urbanism. I recently completed my doctoral studies at Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, where I examined the trajectories of post-disaster reconstruction of built heritage in Bhaktapur, Nepal following the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. I have trained as an architect, with a specialisation in conservation and strongly advocate for spatially grounded research praxis. As a scholar living in a world confronted by intersecting crises, I am interested in the generative possibilities of postcolonial theory.

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Peter Baker

Dr Peter Baker

Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Studies

Dr Peter Baker is a Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies in the Division of Literature and Languages. His interests include Iberian experiences of modernity and colonialism from the perspective of cultural studies and critical theory, especially where these questions intersect with notions of class, race and gender.

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fiona barclay

Dr Fiona Barclay

Senior Lecturer, French

Dr Fiona Barclay's research interests lie in the aspects of postcolonial France which have emerged from France’s history in North Africa, and how these have been represented in literature and film. Her work approaches the Mediterranean basin as a single transnational space marked by cultural exchanges and physical, colonial and postcolonial migration, which continues to be shaped by the traces of shared histories, and by individual and collective narratives of memory and identification.

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fiona darroch

Dr Fiona Darroch

Tutor, Religion

Dr Fiona Darroch is the Book Reviews Editor for the internationally acclaimed journal "Literature and Theology: An interdisciplinary Journal of Religion, Literature and Culture", published by Oxford University Press. She is also a member of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture and the convenor of the postcolonial panel at their biennial conference. Her work focuses on the representation and politics of the term 'religion'; postcolonial theory and colonialism; gender studies and feminism; Caribbean and postcolonial literatures (including writers such as Edwidge Danticat, Chimanada Ngozie Adichie, Derk Walcott, Jean Rhys, and Erna Broder) and Caribbean culture with a specific interest in Rastafari and vodou.

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sandra engstrom

Dr Sandra Engstrom

Lecturer, Social Work

I have a BA(H) in Sociology from Acadia University, a BSW and MSW (specialising in Leadership in International Social Work) from the University of Calgary and completed my PhD from the University of Edinburgh. I have practice experience with youth in Canada, Vanuatu, England, St. Lucia and Scotland. I have worked with older populations in Florida and have volunteered with HIV organisations in Canada, Vanuatu, St. Lucia, England and Scotland. I currently volunteer my time with the Centre for Social Work Practice, the Stirling Rowing Club and EndometriosisUK.

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Dr Damian Etone

Dr Damian Etone

Lecturer, International Human Rights Law

Dr Damian Etone is a Lecturer in International Human Rights Law. He joined the University of Stirling in 2019 after having taught at Adelaide University (Australia) and Staffordshire University (England). Damian’s research generally focuses on an African regional perspective in examining the United Nation and African regional human rights mechanisms, creation and implementation of human rights and issues of transition justice. His research engages with the impact of culture on human rights and also considers third world approaches to international human rights law, which forms part of a long tradition of critical internationalism and advocates a post-colonial approach to international law.

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scott hames

Dr Scott Hames

Lecturer, English Studies

I write mainly about Scottish literature and cultural politics, with a focus on the era of devolution (1967-present). I did my PhD at the University of Aberdeen, on the literary politics of James Kelman. My wider teaching and research interests lie in Anglophone vernacular writing, modernism and critical theory, and contemporary literature and politics. 

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Dr Clemens Hoffman

Lecturer, International Politics

Dr Clemens Hoffmann (DPhil International Relations, University of Sussex) joined the Division of History and Politics in 2016 from Bilkent University, Ankara in Turkey. His research interests include Political Ecology of the Middle East, Political Economy of Turkish Foreign Policy and Historical Sociology of International Relations. His research proposes a careful historicisation of the geo-political, postcolonial and political economic conditions of possibility within which developmental states emerged as the main arbiters of society-nature relations. 

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simon james hope

Dr Simon James Hope

Lecturer, Philosophy

I lecture in moral and political philosophy. My main research interests lie in moral and political philosophy. I am currently working on two broad topics: on the importance of imperfect duties (especially regarding human rights) and on considerations of intelligibility and accessibility in the exchange of moral reasons. I also have a keen interest in the history of ideas (especially Aristotle, Hobbes, and Kant) and in topics in distributive justice concerning the "equality of what?" question.

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Dr Hannah Grayson

Lecturer, French

Dr Hannah Grayson joined Stirling in January 2019 as Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, having previously taught at Durham and Warwick. Her research examines textual responses to violence and instability in the Francophone world. Primarily this work is concerned with how writers of fiction explore the contexts and aftermaths of different kinds of extreme events. She is especially interested in depictions of survival, and how we might understand notions of vulnerability and strength against pervasive discourses of resilience.

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sian jones

Professor Sian Jones

Professor of Heritage

I am an interdisciplinary scholar with expertise in cultural heritage, as well as on the role of the past in the production of power, identity, and sense of place. I was appointed at the University of Manchester in 1998, where I remained until April 2016. I have presented lectures and papers around the world (including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark). I have served on the council of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and was a Trustee for the Council for British Archaeology between 2006 and 2015. Currently I am a Trustee for Archaeology Scotland.

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Dr Sossie Kasbarian

Senior Lecturer, Politics

Dr. Kasbarian’s research interests and publications broadly span diaspora studies; contemporary Middle East politics and society; nationalism and ethnicity; transnational political activism; refugee and migration studies. Her current research is a comparative study of the different trajectories that transnational communities in the contemporary Middle East embody and enact, focusing on the Armenian diaspora. She is co-editor of the journal Diaspora- A Journal of Transnational Studies.

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jennie morgan

Dr Jennie Morgan

Lecturer, Heritage

I joined the Division of History and Politics as Lecturer in Heritage in June 2018. Prior to this, I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of York, where I worked on the Profusion-theme of the AHRC-funded Heritage Futures research programme. I continue my Heritage Futures involvement as an Affiliated Researcher, and am also linked to the Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage in Berlin.

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mona moufahim

Dr Mona Moufahim 

Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Retail

Mona's current research interests include: Religion, Travel and Consumption; Cultural heritages sites and pilgrimage; Identity (organisational, ethnic/racial, religious or political); immigration and extreme right politics. Her research has been published in Organization Studies, Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory and Consumption Markets and Culture. She has also contributed chapters to scholarly books on Political Marketing, Critical Marketing and Islamic Marketing.

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Dr Aedin Ni Loingsigh

Lectureship in French and Francophone

I am a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. I have lectured in the National University of Ireland Maynooth, Queen’s University Belfast and Edinburgh University. Before coming to Stirling I worked as a research assistant at the University of Liverpool and I also worked at the Scottish Qualifications Authority. My primary research and teaching interests are centred on Sub-Saharan African literary cultures with a particular emphasis on postcolonial travel and translation practices and cultures.

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raquel de pedro ricoy

Prof. Raquel de Pedro Ricoy

Professor Translation and Interpreting

Raquel holds the Chair of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Stirling. Most of her academic career has centred on the training of translators and interpreters and she has also worked as a freelance translator, interpreter and lexicographer.

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dr heather price

Dr Heather Price

Lecturer, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Following Dr Price's BSc in Environmental Geoscience (2004 – 2007), she completed an interdisciplinary PhD (Earth and Ocean Sciences/ Biochemistry) at Cardiff University which focused on urban air pollution (2007 – 2011). She then worked on several projects as a post-doctoral researcher including the EU FP7 project TRANSPHORM at the University of Hertfordshire, the NERC/DFID (UPGro) funded project Groundwater 2030 and the EPSRC-funded Energy for Development project, both at the University of Southampton.

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Dr Colin Reilly

Dr Colin Reilly

Lecturer in Linguistics

I am a Lecturer in Linguistics in the Division of Literature and Languages and an Associate Fellow in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex. My research focuses on language policies in multilingual contexts, examining the ways in which policies can either enable or inhibit access to institutions and services. I am interested in the links between language/linguistics and colonialism, and examining how colonial ideologies continue to influence how we think about and research language issues.

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david richards

Prof. David Richards

Emeritus Professor

David joined the Department as Professor of English Studies in 2006 having held posts at the Universities of Leeds and Birmingham and at the Open University where he was the founding Director of the Ferguson Research Centre. He was the Professor and Chair of the Division of Literature and Languages, the Head of the Department of English Studies and Director of the Centre of Postcolonial Studies at Stirling. David Richards is now Emeritus Professor of English Studies at the University of Stirling and currently Visiting Professor with the Division of English at NTU, Singapore.

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Gemma Robinson

Dr Gemma Robinson

Senior Lecturer, English Studies

Dr Gemma Robinson's research interests include Caribbean writing; postcolonial literatures and cultures; Black British writing; book cultures. She is the editor of University of Hunger: the Collected Poems and Selected Prose of Martin Carter; and co-editor of Out of Bounds: British Black and Asian Poets and Postcolonial Audiences: Readers, Viewers and Reception. She contributes to the Guyanese newspaper, Stabroek News and manages the Charles Wallace Fellowship, bringing Indian creative writers to Stirling University. She is currently working with poets and educators on the Out of Bounds Poetry Project.

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bashir saade

Dr Bashir Saade 

Interdisciplinary Lecturer, Religion and Politics

Bashir Saade is an Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Politics and Religion at the University of Stirling. His teaching and research interests cross between political anthropology, philosophy, and social theory. He studies contemporary Islamic politics and nationalism in the Middle East and beyond while focusing on cultural production and in particular the increasing importance of media technology. He is also interested in the various oral and textual practices of premodern Arabic scholarship, especially around themes of religion, hikma, political thought and ethics.

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Professor Angela Smith

Professor Angela Smith

Emeritus Professor

B.A., M.A. (Birmingham), M.Litt. (Cambridge) Chair of the Europe and South Asia panel of judges for the Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2006 and 2007.

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Dr Phia Steyn

Dr Phia Steyn

Lecturer, History

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