Dr Monalisa Adhikari

Lecturer in International Politics

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Dr Monalisa Adhikari

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About me

Mona works as Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Stirling. Prior to coming to Stirling, she worked at the University of Keele. Her research is broadly focused on five themes: i) emerging powers in the global governance of peace and security agenda; ii) foreign policies of India and China; iii) norms and practices of peacebuilding in Asia; iv) peace processes and peace agreements; and v) fragile and conflict-affected states in a changing word order. She has conducted field work in India, China, Japan, Myanmar and Nepal. She also brings several years of experience working in International Development, including for organisations like the Asia Foundation, Nepal, the FIA Foundation, London, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, India, and Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council.

She is currently working on a book manuscript- Liberal peace in a post-liberal world: India and China in the fray of peacebuilding- examining Indian and Chinese approaches to peacebuilding. She was a Fellow at the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University, Japan in 2022. As a part of the fellowship, she is currently editing a volume on Japan's peacebuilding engagement, in collaboration with colleagues at Waseda University.

She is currently the Co-Investigator of the Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform (PeaceREP) project based at the University of Edinburgh. For the project, her work focuses on political transition in post-coup Myanmar. She also coordinates the Study Group on Myanmar as a part of the project. The Study Group brings together domestic and international supporters/ friends of Myanmar to review, assess, and coordinate comparative learning regarding constructive steps for international support.

She currently serves as the Associate Editor for Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding.


Visiting Fellow- Waseda University

Civil Society Scholars Award

Awarded by the Open Society Foundation to pursue research in Myanmar

Other Project


Co-Investigator of the Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform (PeaceREP)

Daiwa Foundation- Small grant

A small grant to research on Japan's peacebuilding role in Asian conflict-affected states with partners from Waseda University, Tokyo.


Her research interests include peace processes, international interventions, and conflict management efforts by Asian states including, India, China and Japan.

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Policy Document

Adhikari M (2023) The Role of Domestic Actors in China’s International Conflict Management. Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform. Edibburgh. https://peacerep.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Mariani-Adhikari-Zhou-2023-PeaceRep-Report-The-Role-of-Domestic-Actors-in-Chinas-International-Relations-compr.pdf

Book Review

Adhikari M (2022) All roads lead north: China, Nepal and the contest for the Himalayas. Review of: All roads lead north: China, Nepal and the contest for the Himalayas. By Amish Raj Mulmi. London: Hurst. 2021. 328pp. ISBN: 9781787385399. International Affairs, 98 (6), pp. 2187-2189. https://doi.org/10.1093/ia/iiac238


Adhikari M (2017) Myanmar’s Twin Transitions: Challenges and Choices. Political Settlements Research Programme. University of Edinburgh. https://peacerep.org/2017/08/31/myanmars-twin-transitions-challenges-and-choices/