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Joana Krogsrud

Home country: Germany

Topic: ‘A putted history of Golf’, an exhibition promoting the collection of the Innerpeffray Library and its heritage (a work-based dissertation project in cooperation with the Innerpeffray Library)

Supervisor: Alastair Durie

Originally from Germany, I moved to Scotland in 2009 to pursue my interest in history in the form of my undergraduate studies at the University of Stirling. My initial interest lay with the history of conflict and especially its political context, which led me to study both history and politics as my BA subjects. For my third year studies I was given the opportunity to study at the University of Mississippi (USA), which I used to broaden my fields of study. I gained inside into African American History studies at a University with great significance in the subject, not only through its specialist archive, but its role played in the civil rights movement and having been a former Confederate State.

This experience, the studies as well as the social interactions, increased my interest in the different ways of presenting and interpreting history and heritage with consideration for a varying audience and the possible difficulties arising from it.

My German upbringing, including the study of the German 3rd Reich past and the question on how to thoughtfully deal with it, had previously raised interest for the subject matter in me, having been involved in an exhibition concerning the Diary of Anne Frank. After having explored a further subject of historical research in form of my fourth year Environmental History honours class, I was looking to combine my diverse fields of interest in historical subjects with my interest in heritage presentation and discussion, which I was able to in my current Masters program.

Environment, Heritage and Policy Msc does give me the opportunity to improve and expand my set of skills needed in future employment, in form of its taught program, which includes courses covering topics from Research Skills to PR and marketing as well as heritage law. Additionally, I am working on a work-based dissertation project with the Library of Innerpeffray, which includes the compilation of an exhibition of selected books and illustrations, best representing the 300 year old collection of the library, as well as an accompanying booklet and merchandise with the title ‘A putted History of Golf’.

Education: BA in Arts with Hon in History and Politics, University of Stirling (Exchange year at the University of Mississippi)


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